Business Mobility: one app, one invoice in KBC Mobile

Business Mobility: the total solution in KBC Mobile for entrepreneurs

From April 2023, business users at KBC will also bundle their train tickets, parking sessions and refuelling sessions on one monthly bill.

With Business Mobility, they …

  • Bundle their business travel in one app.
  • Recover VAT and the cost of their mobility expenses.
  • Save on accounting costs as they process only one invoice each month.
  • No longer need physical parking and fuel cards.
  • Get discounts on refuelling.

Entrepreneur and ready to simplify your mobility management?

Olympus Mobility and KBC Bank & Insurance are jointly launching Business Mobility.

Olympus Mobility and KBC

Olympus Mobility and KBC have been working together since 2018.

We integrated a lot of mobility options for individuals into KBC Mobile. Just think of buying tickets at SNCB and De Lijn, parking at Q-Park and with 4411, refuelling at Q8 or booking a Cambio.

KBC users enjoy all these options.

Every day, thousands of people buy their tickets via KBC Mobile.

With all those choices, it’s no wonder KBC has been able to call itself Belgium’s best banking app for several years now and is among the top 3 worldwide.

rond logo blauw KBC

We are now extending that success to business owners and professional account holders.

Because one app, that’s something we realised. But one invoice? That was still missing in KBC Mobile.

With Business Mobility, entrepreneurs also enjoy administrative simplification.

Taxis Verts in the Olympus app

Taxis Verts

From now on, you can easily book a ride with Taxis Verts in the Olympus app.

Taxis Verts is the number 1 taxi service in Brussels.

They take you from the airport to the city centre, but also to the outskirts of the city.

With over 500 taxis, they are ready to take you to your destination.

Logo Taxis Verts in de app Olympus Mobility. Nog meer mobiliteitsdiensten in één app.

Taxis Verts and Olympus Mobility

At Olympus Mobility, we want to make mobility as easy as possible.

That’s why we are constantly expanding our offer.

Thanks to our all-in-one mobility app, you can easily manage all your taxi journeys without the administrative hassle afterwards.

It really couldn’t be simpler.

Poppy in the Olympus app

Who is Poppy?

Poppy is a sharing platform in Belgium.

Since 2018, they have been committed to simplifying shared mobility under the motto ‘your ride, your choice’.

They started with e-scooters, but soon expanded their offering to e-steps and shared cars.

Their zones also increased.

You can now find Poppy in Antwerp, Ghent, Brussels, Mechelen, Liege and Lier. 

In these zones, you park your vehicle for free. 🚗

Poppy Mobility in de Olympus app

One app, even more mobility

Of course, Poppy couldn’t be missing from the Olympus app.

So from now on, you can easily book a bright red shared car to your next destination.

Don’t need a car? Then choose a Poppy e-step or e-scooter to get around.

Thanks to the collaboration between Poppy and Olympus Mobility, you only need one app to do so. 

Pierre de Schaetzen, CMO at Poppy: “In this new era of working from home, a flexible mobility offer is becoming crucial for most employers.

More and more companies are knocking on our door to replace part of their fleet with shared cars.

The partnership with Olympus Mobility makes it much easier for these employers to keep an overview of their employees’ consumption and its billing.”

Want to try it out?

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TIER in the Olympus-app

Who is TIER?

Under the motto “Change mobility for good”, TIER offers shared mobility in several European cities.

Their offer includes:

  • Electric scooters
  • Electric bicycles

In Belgium, you will find the shared steps and bikes in both Brussels and Liège.

Logo TIER Mobility. TIER maakt deel uit van de Olympus-app van Olympus Mobility.

TIER in the Olympus app

With TIER, we are further expanding our shared mobility offering in the Olympus app.

We can safely call them the youngest addition to our long list of sharing steps and bikes:

  • Blue-bike
  • Poppy
  • Hoppy
  • Lime
  • Go Sharing
  • Mobit
  • Velo Antwerp
  • Villo!
  • Swapfiets
  • TIER

With our all-in-one app, employees always get around the way they want. 🙌🏼

Want to try it out?

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Meet our ambassador: Tim Brys

Olympic rower

Big news! Ghent Olympian Tim Brys joins the Olympus Mobility team.

You know this rower from his 5th place at the Olympic Games in Tokyo, which he won together with his rowing partner Niels Van Zandweghe.

Tim Brys ambassadeur van Olympus Mobility

By the way, you found him in the Container Cup in 2020. There he beat the cycling record of cyclist Toon Aerts. Tim is a hidden cyclist, but in 2024 he will continue his Olympic rowing performances at the Olympic Games in Paris.

He is a true Olympian. In addition, his competitions also have a sustainable side. He always travels by public transport. Add his Ghentian roots into the mix and you get a perfect fit with Olympus Mobility.


As an ambassador, he can count on the Olympus app in the coming years to register his rowing kilometers … but also to support his environmentally conscious transport of course.

Tim: “As rowers, we constantly use water. It is therefore important to me to take care of the planet, both in my sport and beyond. That is why I choose to support a Ghent company like Olympus Mobility in their sustainable mobility solutions.”

His impressive achievements can be followed on the social media of Tim and Olympus Mobility. Keep an eye out!

Discover why sustainable mobility is important to Tim Brys

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New partnership with International Car Lease Holding

Their vision on mobility

Mobility is constantly subject to change for us.

Many factors play a role here: the desired flexibility, climate changes and, more broadly, the total environmental impact of our joint need to travel, the price, the risks and the efficiency.

ICLH logo

The mobility needs of our customers are therefore constantly changing. They are no longer only concerned with their own fleet but with the mobility needs of all their employees. We as leasing companies try to take up our advisory role with regard to future evolutions as well as possible.

In addition to our main activity of offering cars in operational leasing, we have also been offering bicycles for years, and we also continue in our advisory role in mobility solutions and we are one of the driving forces in the evolution towards more sustainable company fleets.

The reason for the partnership with Olympus Mobility

Olympus Mobility has already gained a lot of experience in Belgium in offering multimodal mobility services and contacts were made with Olympus Mobility several years ago through our leasing company Westlease.

We were already able to get acquainted with the all-in-one mobility app from Olympus Mobility, which makes it easy for employees to access different mobility services with one app.

We wanted to offer these mobility services to all customers of the lease companies of the International Car Lease Holding. Together with Shell Mobility Solutions and Olympus Mobility, we found the right structure to roll this out.

The concrete plans to guide their customers with regard to mobility

In a first phase, we started investing in bicycle leasing several years ago. A formula that is very successful and continues to grow.

A second pillar consists of guiding our customers in making their fleet more sustainable. This primarily concerns an analysis of the mobility needs of the employees. For whom is a full electric car ideal, for whom hybrid, who should continue to drive diesel or petrol?

We also advise on suitable charging solutions for electric cars. At home, on the road and at work.

Finally, we are committed to offering multimodal mobility services. This on the basis of the Olympus Mobility app that gives users easy access to public transport, shared cars, shared bicycles, shared scooters, taxis, Uber, Waterbus, international train tickets, …

A sustainable mobility policy in your company: Skill BuilderS’ approach

Who is Skill BuilderS?

Skill BuilderS builds talent. For over 35 years, they have been discovering, developing and deploying talent. They assist and coach both companies and individuals. Their services include:

  • Job & career guidance
  • Talent & organization development
  • Coaching
  • Care for talent
  • Outplacement
  • Assessment
  • Talent development

In addition, they also contribute to a sustainable future.

Watch how Skill BuilderS tackles sustainable corporate mobility

Watch how Skill Builder Marieke experiences the Olympus app

How does Skill BuilderS approach sustainable corporate mobility?

Evita explains: “We are currently transitioning to a fully electric fleet. About half of our company cars are already electric.

Those who do not have company cars may use the Olympus app. We also try to promote the rental of bikes and scooters among our colleagues.”

What was your biggest obstacle in terms of mobility?

Evita: “Our colleagues work in different locations. Not everyone has a company car to move around. They have to use their own car or public transport.

The expenses they make then have to be paid in advance by themselves. The result? Tickets are submitted late, not at all or just get lost.”

What criteria did your solution have to meet?

Evita brings up two points: “On the one hand, we were looking for an automated process. We wanted to limit manual operations. No more tickets to enter, no more refunds to process.

On the other hand, we wanted a solution where our colleagues would not have to advance their tickets anymore. The Olympus app solves both issues.”

How did the implementation of the Olympus app go?

Evita: “Very smoothly. We started with a test phase where ten colleagues tested the app. We only got positive feedback, so we decided to partner up.

The implementation didn’t take much work. Olympus Mobility created the necessary accounts and our colleagues could start using the Olympus app.”

What is the biggest added value for Skill BuilderS?

Evita: “The amount of time saved. The many manual tasks are a thing of the past. Colleagues no longer have to advance the amount themselves either.”

She adds: “The benefit for the environment should not be underestimated either. We can better encourage our colleagues to take public transport.

For short trips, they take their bikes more often, as this avoids traffic jams and they get to their destination faster.”

How do colleagues experience the sustainable mobility policy?

We talked to Marieke Van Lysebetten, an avid cyclist and train traveler. She uses the Olympus app to easily order train tickets. When she still needs the car, she parks with 4411.

Marieke explains her experience: “The biggest change now that we use the Olympus app? The ease.

We no longer have to keep track of and enter tickets. It provides some extra headspace to think about other things.”

Marieke has always been an advocate for sustainable mobility. She uses her bike as much as possible when she can.

“I find it more enjoyable to move around by bike or train. You start your day fully relaxed. When I do have to take the car and get stuck in traffic, I miss my bike or the train.”

She continues: “I find it important to always consider my mode of transportation – is it really necessary for me to take the car? Can’t I just go by bike instead?

When, for example, we have a meeting in Brussels, I will be the one looking up the train times. Then I also encourage my colleagues to take the train together. Your day starts off much calmer. I can actually recommend it to everyone.”

What does the future hold?

Evita confidently responds: “More sustainable mobility! Encouraging colleagues even more to use public transport, cycling or scooters to get around.”

Nice work, Evita and Marieke!

Want to digitise your expense administration?

Sustainable Corporate Mobility: How do I get started? Tips from Mediahuis

Step 1. Interview your employees

Sandra explains: “Your mobility policy should be set up for your employees first and foremost. Their input is therefore crucial. That’s why our approach began with an internal mobility survey with help of Traject.

Through this survey, we gained a better understanding of the specific mobility needs within our company. We got direct input about the travel behavior of our employees.”

That’s not the only advantage of a survey. Sandra continues: “This way, your employees get to think along with the sustainable path that your company wants to take.”

Sandra Eemans, Fleet & Mobility Officer bij Mediahuis, chooses Olympus Mobility to manage their sustainable corporate mobility

Step 2. Create a mobility team

The next step? A dedicated mobility team.

Sandra: “You want to encourage everyone in your company to use more sustainable mobility. We set up a mobility team with representatives from different departments.

Because of their exemplary role, you create a greater support base.

In addition to myself, our ‘Mobility Team’ consists of our Facility Manager, Communication Manager, HR Comp & Ben Manager, HR Director and CFO. Together we facilitate sustainable mobility at Mediahuis.”

Step 3. Determine your long-term goals

Sandra explains: “Next, our Mobility Team put its heads together to determine our vision, ambition and long-term goals.

Our current mobility plan consists of three parts:

  1. Avoiding trips by teleworking
  2. Sustainable travel
  3. Greener driving.

Such a plan gives your mobility policy a clear direction. You work systematically towards your goals.

We also come together as a team on a regular basis. Then we look at the results and adjust when necessary.”

Step 4. Choose the right mobility partners

Sandra: “You can’t create a new mobility policy alone. You need the expertise of the right partners.

Mediahuis worked with three parties.

  • Stroohm assisted us in making our fleet more sustainable.
  • Traject supported us in sending out surveys, general communication and analysis of results.
  • Olympus Mobility provided a platform to simplify and encourage sustainable mobility for our employees.

These three parties transformed Mediahuis’ car policy into a full mobility policy without any extra work.

Furthermore, Olympus Mobility helps manage costs for companies with multiple locations – something that is very important for Mediahuis.”

Step 5. Communicate about your initiatives and results

Sandra: “Want your employees to be aware of your new mobility policy? Communicate about your initiatives.

We work with a specific newsletter about Mediahuis’ mobility. Here we discuss different themes, ranging from new features at Olympus Mobility or the Mobility Week to how you go on vacation with your car.

In addition, together with Traject, we also set up accessibility sheets for our locations. This way, our employees get a good idea of which mode of transport is the most efficient.”

Sandra adds: “What you must not forget is to communicate about the results of your actions. With attractive visuals, we involve our employees in our mobility story. We established a unique ‘Mediahuis Mobility’ logo to create recognition.

Continuing to communicate is key. You don’t want sustainable mobility to be a side issue, but something that your employees are actively involved in.”

Step 6. Keep adjusting

Sandra: “Mobility never stands still. Keeping track of your goals is crucial. You want to get a better view of how your employees experience the switch to sustainable alternatives.

We give each employee a budget to try out those alternatives and listen to their feedback. We also interview people who have exchanged their company car. This way, we can make timely adjustments when necessary.”

Their actions pay off. “We see that 86% of our employees know Olympus Mobility, and half of them already uses the Olympus app. Now that we’ve also introduced the legal mobility budget, that number will only increase.”

No wonder Mediahuis has been named a Pioneering Employer three times in a row. With their focus on sustainability and people-oriented approach, they are a true example.

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