The legal mobility budget: what you need to know about the three pillars

When looking at the legal or federal mobility budget, you’ll find there’s a wide variety of alternative mobility options.

Which pillars are mandatory to offer as a company? What options do employees use the most?

Find out here.

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New TCO formulas: What do you need to know? Explanation by MMBB

Learn about the new TCO formulas and changes in the legal framework regarding the mobility budget.

Together with expert Thierry Devresse of MMBB, we discuss the essential information.

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How do I calculate the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for the mobility budget?

Determining the legal mobility budget is based on the Total Cost of Ownership. However, calculating the TCO is not a piece of cake.

To clarify the calculation, the Federal Government created two official TCO formulas.

Read the overview of the essential information here.

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The legal mobility budget: 5 benefits for companies

Doubting to implement the legal mobility budget in your company?

You are missing out on these 5 advantages without this tax-advantageous framework.

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The legal mobility budget: 5 tips from a mobility expert

Setting up and managing a legal mobility budget often requires some work.

To help you on your way, we spoke to expert Thierry Devresse from My Mobility Budget Butler.

Here are his 5 tips.

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The legal mobility budget: An overview

Looking for the most up-to-date information on the legal mobility budget?

Read everything you need to know in this comprehensive overview.

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The legal mobility budget with Business & Decision

The legal mobility budget: a complex affair for many. How is implementation progressing? How do users experience it?

We spoke to Tine Vangrunderbeek, Mobility Manager, and Pierre Caeymaex, Data Consultant, of Business & Decision about the roll-out of the legal mobility budget and their experience with this tax advantageous framework.

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Webinar: legal mobility budget with Silverfin

Why is the legal mobility budget so advantageous? How do you implement this fiscally advantageous framework?

Learn from Silverfin’s experience in this webinar.

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