5 reasons why Olympus is the mobility platform your company is looking for cover

5 reasons why Olympus is the mobility platform your company is looking for

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Last updated on 11 October 2023
Jonathan De Weirt
Jonathan De Weirt,
Mobility Advisor

When it comes to corporate mobility, there is a lot of manual work involved. Just think about ordering tickets or processing reimbursements for your employees.

Have you ever considered digitizing all that work with a mobility platform? These 5 reasons explain why that’s a good idea.

Reason 1: Save time and costs with a mobility platform

For you as an HR Manager, a mobility platform means simplification of your administration. The numerous receipts from different modes of transportation are reduced to one monthly invoice with the Olympus platform.

This saves you time as well as around €155 per year per employee!

As the only one in the market, the Olympus platform also offers maximum VAT recovery on commuting and business trips.

Moreover, your employees can get started right away. You simply create an account for them, after which they can easily move around using sustainable transportation modes. No time is wasted on distributing, for example, fuel cards or anything similar.

In any case, Skill BuilderS is already convinced.

Reason 2: Easy expense management

Traditional expense management is done manually. This takes up a lot of time, especially when it comes to entering receipts and processing reimbursements.

With a mobility platform, these processes are automated.

As you already know, with the Olympus platform, you only have to deal with one invoice at the end of the month. Reimbursements are also handled effortlessly.

You can easily manage different budgets for business trips, commuting, and the legal mobility budget.

This way, you can spend your saved time on more useful tasks or even have a nice chat by the coffee machine.

Reason 3: Continued guidance from experts

Want to implement the legal mobility budget? Or convince more employees of flexible mobility? Seek advice from our mobility experts.

From the very beginning, they will guide you through the landscape of corporate mobility. Feel free to discuss your challenges in a demo session. They are happy to help.

Moreover, our mobility experts are up-to-date with the latest legislation. This naturally translates into a foolproof mobility platform.

With the Olympus platform, you’re always in good hands.

Reason 4: Always up to date with the latest changes in the mobility landscape

The mobility landscape is constantly evolving. It’s impossible to keep track of all the changes. Luckily, the Olympus Mobility platform does that for you.

Almost every month, we integrate new services into the Olympus app. This way, as an HR Manager, you can always offer the latest forms of mobility.

This ensures that your employees always have the most suitable mode of transportation at hand, tailored to their personal preferences and circumstances.

Job seekers value a wide range of flexible mobility options as well. Six out of ten potential employees indicate that a green company policy, including flexible mobility, is a decisive factor when choosing a company.

With the Olympus platform, you demonstrate your commitment to a better and environmentally friendly future. This sets you apart in the war for talent.

In addition to providing the latest mobility services, we also keep you updated on the latest legislation, technologies and trends within the mobility sector. For example, sign up for Budget Boost and become an expert in the legal mobility budget.

Reason 5: Your all-round partner for corporate mobility

With Olympus’ mobility platform, you as an HR Manager can manage various mobility solutions:

It’s even possible to receive personal support and advice to optimize your mobility strategy.

Moreover, your employees will benefit from the ultimate ‘one-stop-shop’ for corporate mobility with the Olympus app.

Choose Olympus’ Mobility Platform

With Olympus’ mobility platform, you

  1. Save time and costs
  2. Maintain an overview of different budgets
  3. Receive continuous guidance from mobility experts
  4. Always offer the latest mobility services
  5. Have the right partner for your company’s mobility

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