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Sustainable Corporate Mobility: How do I get started? Tips from Mediahuis

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Last updated on 14 June 2023
Jonathan De Weirt
Jonathan De Weirt,
Mobility Advisor

Rolling out a new mobility policy is not always easy.

Sandra Eemans, Fleet & Mobility Officer at Mediahuis, discusses their approach in 6 steps.

Step 1. Interview your employees

Sandra explains: “Your mobility policy should be set up for your employees first and foremost. Their input is therefore crucial. That’s why our approach began with an internal mobility survey with help of Traject.

Through this survey, we gained a better understanding of the specific mobility needs within our company. We got direct input about the travel behavior of our employees.”

That’s not the only advantage of a survey. Sandra continues: “This way, your employees get to think along with the sustainable path that your company wants to take.”

Sandra Eemans, Fleet & Mobility Officer bij Mediahuis, chooses Olympus Mobility to manage their sustainable corporate mobility

Step 2. Create a mobility team

The next step? A dedicated mobility team.

Sandra: “You want to encourage everyone in your company to use more sustainable mobility. We set up a mobility team with representatives from different departments.

Because of their exemplary role, you create a greater support base.

In addition to myself, our ‘Mobility Team’ consists of our Facility Manager, Communication Manager, HR Comp & Ben Manager, HR Director and CFO. Together we facilitate sustainable mobility at Mediahuis.”

Step 3. Determine your long-term goals

Sandra explains: “Next, our Mobility Team put its heads together to determine our vision, ambition and long-term goals.

Our current mobility plan consists of three parts:

  1. Avoiding trips by teleworking
  2. Sustainable travel
  3. Greener driving.

Such a plan gives your mobility policy a clear direction. You work systematically towards your goals.

We also come together as a team on a regular basis. Then we look at the results and adjust when necessary.”

Step 4. Choose the right mobility partners

Sandra: “You can’t create a new mobility policy alone. You need the expertise of the right partners.

Mediahuis worked with three parties.

  • Stroohm assisted us in making our fleet more sustainable.
  • Traject supported us in sending out surveys, general communication and analysis of results.
  • Olympus Mobility provided a platform to simplify and encourage sustainable mobility for our employees.

These three parties transformed Mediahuis’ car policy into a full mobility policy without any extra work.

Furthermore, Olympus Mobility helps manage costs for companies with multiple locations – something that is very important for Mediahuis.”

Step 5. Communicate about your initiatives and results

Sandra: “Want your employees to be aware of your new mobility policy? Communicate about your initiatives.

We work with a specific newsletter about Mediahuis’ mobility. Here we discuss different themes, ranging from new features at Olympus Mobility or the Mobility Week to how you go on vacation with your car.

In addition, together with Traject, we also set up accessibility sheets for our locations. This way, our employees get a good idea of which mode of transport is the most efficient.”

Sandra adds: “What you must not forget is to communicate about the results of your actions. With attractive visuals, we involve our employees in our mobility story. We established a unique ‘Mediahuis Mobility’ logo to create recognition.

Continuing to communicate is key. You don’t want sustainable mobility to be a side issue, but something that your employees are actively involved in.”

Step 6. Keep adjusting

Sandra: “Mobility never stands still. Keeping track of your goals is crucial. You want to get a better view of how your employees experience the switch to sustainable alternatives.

We give each employee a budget to try out those alternatives and listen to their feedback. We also interview people who have exchanged their company car. This way, we can make timely adjustments when necessary.”

Their actions pay off. “We see that 86% of our employees know Olympus Mobility, and half of them already uses the Olympus app. Now that we’ve also introduced the legal mobility budget, that number will only increase.”

No wonder Mediahuis has been named a Pioneering Employer three times in a row. With their focus on sustainability and people-oriented approach, they are a true example.

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