Skill BuilderS opts for easy sustainable mobility with Olympus Mobility

A sustainable mobility policy in your company: Skill BuilderS’ approach

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Last updated on 24 May 2023
Jonathan De Weirt
Jonathan De Weirt,
Mobility Advisor

How do you easily introduce sustainable mobility in your business? Skill BuilderS knows the answer.

We spoke to Evita De Pauw and Marieke Van Lysebetten about the possible obstacles and solutions. Let’s take a look.

Who is Skill BuilderS?

Skill BuilderS builds talent. For over 35 years, they have been discovering, developing and deploying talent. They assist and coach both companies and individuals. Their services include:

  • Job & career guidance
  • Talent & organization development
  • Coaching
  • Care for talent
  • Outplacement
  • Assessment
  • Talent development

In addition, they also contribute to a sustainable future.

Watch how Skill BuilderS tackles sustainable corporate mobility

Watch how Skill Builder Marieke experiences the Olympus app

How does Skill BuilderS approach sustainable corporate mobility?

Evita explains: “We are currently transitioning to a fully electric fleet. About half of our company cars are already electric.

Those who do not have company cars may use the Olympus app. We also try to promote the rental of bikes and scooters among our colleagues.”

What was your biggest obstacle in terms of mobility?

Evita: “Our colleagues work in different locations. Not everyone has a company car to move around. They have to use their own car or public transport.

The expenses they make then have to be paid in advance by themselves. The result? Tickets are submitted late, not at all or just get lost.”

What criteria did your solution have to meet?

Evita brings up two points: “On the one hand, we were looking for an automated process. We wanted to limit manual operations. No more tickets to enter, no more refunds to process.

On the other hand, we wanted a solution where our colleagues would not have to advance their tickets anymore. The Olympus app solves both issues.”

How did the implementation of the Olympus app go?

Evita: “Very smoothly. We started with a test phase where ten colleagues tested the app. We only got positive feedback, so we decided to partner up.

The implementation didn’t take much work. Olympus Mobility created the necessary accounts and our colleagues could start using the Olympus app.”

What is the biggest added value for Skill BuilderS?

Evita: “The amount of time saved. The many manual tasks are a thing of the past. Colleagues no longer have to advance the amount themselves either.”

She adds: “The benefit for the environment should not be underestimated either. We can better encourage our colleagues to take public transport.

For short trips, they take their bikes more often, as this avoids traffic jams and they get to their destination faster.”

How do colleagues experience the sustainable mobility policy?

We talked to Marieke Van Lysebetten, an avid cyclist and train traveler. She uses the Olympus app to easily order train tickets. When she still needs the car, she parks with 4411.

Marieke explains her experience: “The biggest change now that we use the Olympus app? The ease.

We no longer have to keep track of and enter tickets. It provides some extra headspace to think about other things.”

Marieke has always been an advocate for sustainable mobility. She uses her bike as much as possible when she can.

“I find it more enjoyable to move around by bike or train. You start your day fully relaxed. When I do have to take the car and get stuck in traffic, I miss my bike or the train.”

She continues: “I find it important to always consider my mode of transportation – is it really necessary for me to take the car? Can’t I just go by bike instead?

When, for example, we have a meeting in Brussels, I will be the one looking up the train times. Then I also encourage my colleagues to take the train together. Your day starts off much calmer. I can actually recommend it to everyone.”

What does the future hold?

Evita confidently responds: “More sustainable mobility! Encouraging colleagues even more to use public transport, cycling or scooters to get around.”

Nice work, Evita and Marieke!

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