Mobility-as-a-Service in top three for mobility within remuneration plan

MaaS is becoming a staple at Belgian companies, according to Attentia. It is also finding its way among private individuals.

But for a complete breakthrough, the various stakeholders lack a clear vision. Discover the insights of Attentia, KBC and Mobilise.

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What is Mobility-as-a-Service?

Have you ever heard of Mobility-as-a-Service? This is not the newest AI robot, but rather a user-friendly mobility platform.

Discover in this blog post what Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) is, some examples of well-known MaaS providers, and why it is a good idea to implement MaaS in your organization.

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Corporate Mobility in 2024: Evolutions and Tips

What does corporate mobility look like in 2024? How do you prepare as an HR or Fleet Manager?

Based on concrete mobility data, Olympus Mobility drew up the expected evolutions.

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Rent a car from Hertz with the Olympus app

The mobility offer in the Olympus app keeps on growing!

You can now easily rent a car from Hertz.

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Attentia integrates mobility platform from Olympus Mobility

Together with Olympus Mobility, Attentia is one of the first social secretariats to offer a fully integrated mobility platform to more than 15,000 customers.

The mobility budget is also one of the options.

Read the full article here.

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How do I calculate the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for the mobility budget?

Determining the legal mobility budget is based on the Total Cost of Ownership. However, calculating the TCO is not a piece of cake.

To clarify the calculation, the Federal Government created two official TCO formulas.

Read the overview of the essential information here.

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Miles Mobility in the Olympus app

With a slogan like ‘carsharing made easy’, Miles Mobility fits perfectly into the Olympus app.

Employees easily drive from city to city with these shared cars.

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On the road with DeWaterbus and the Olympus app

Getting around Antwerp in a relaxed way? Then DeWaterbus is what you’re looking for.

You can buy tickets for the unique means of transport in the Olympus app.

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Business Mobility: one app, one invoice in KBC Mobile

After numerous mobility integrations for private individuals in KBC Mobile, we are now also simplifying the lives of business owners and all professional account holders.

With ‘Business Mobility’, they process just one bill each month for all their business travel.

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New mobility service: Taxis Verts

In need of a taxi in Brussels? Don’t worry.

With Taxis Verts, we further expand the offer in our all-in-one app.

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Discover carsharing with Poppy

One app, even more mobility.

Poppy’s bright red share cars are also part of the Olympus offering!


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TIER: Electric Shared Mobility

Our mobility offering continues to expand.

Meet TIER Mobility, the latest addition to the Olympus app!


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Meet our ambassador: Tim Brys

Big news! Olympian Tim Brys joins the Olympus Mobility team.

Tim: “As rowers, we constantly use water. It is therefore important to me to take care of the planet, both in my sport and beyond.

That is why I choose to support a Ghent company like Olympus Mobility in their sustainable development mobility solutions.”

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New partnership with International Car Lease Holding

We have a new partner: International Car Lease Holding.

Their goal is to offer the Olympus mobility services to all customers of the lease companies of ICLH. Together with Shell Mobility Solutions and Olympus Mobility, they found the right structure to roll this out.

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Tim’s Journey

Meet Tim Brys: cycling enthusiast, Olympus Mobility ambassador, and Olympic rower, of course!

In 2020, he was a medal contender at the Tokyo Games, but in 2023, the focus is on Paris.

You can follow his path closely here.

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The 5 corporate mobility trends of 2023

Mobility is a hot topic.

Employees’ needs are changing and technological innovations are reshaping the market.

But what trends should you as an HR manager keep your eye on in 2023?

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Here’s how to save on employee petrol costs

Fuel prices are skyrocketing in 2022. As the cost of petrol climbs above € 2 per litre, organisations are becoming much more interested in finding an alternative for their company cars. But what is the solution?

Published 25th of June 2022

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