Olympus Mobility en International Car Lease Holding gaan een partnership aan.

New partnership with International Car Lease Holding

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Last updated on 31 May 2023
Jonathan De Weirt
Jonathan De Weirt,
Mobility Advisor

We have a new partner: International Car Lease Holding.

Their goal is to offer the Olympus mobility services to all customers of the lease companies of ICLH. Together with Shell Mobility Solutions and Olympus Mobility, they found the right structure to roll this out.

Their vision on mobility

Mobility is constantly subject to change for us.

Many factors play a role here: the desired flexibility, climate changes and, more broadly, the total environmental impact of our joint need to travel, the price, the risks and the efficiency.

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The mobility needs of our customers are therefore constantly changing. They are no longer only concerned with their own fleet but with the mobility needs of all their employees. We as leasing companies try to take up our advisory role with regard to future evolutions as well as possible.

In addition to our main activity of offering cars in operational leasing, we have also been offering bicycles for years, and we also continue in our advisory role in mobility solutions and we are one of the driving forces in the evolution towards more sustainable company fleets.

The reason for the partnership with Olympus Mobility

Olympus Mobility has already gained a lot of experience in Belgium in offering multimodal mobility services and contacts were made with Olympus Mobility several years ago through our leasing company Westlease.

We were already able to get acquainted with the all-in-one mobility app from Olympus Mobility, which makes it easy for employees to access different mobility services with one app.

We wanted to offer these mobility services to all customers of the lease companies of the International Car Lease Holding. Together with Shell Mobility Solutions and Olympus Mobility, we found the right structure to roll this out.

The concrete plans to guide their customers with regard to mobility

In a first phase, we started investing in bicycle leasing several years ago. A formula that is very successful and continues to grow.

A second pillar consists of guiding our customers in making their fleet more sustainable. This primarily concerns an analysis of the mobility needs of the employees. For whom is a full electric car ideal, for whom hybrid, who should continue to drive diesel or petrol?

We also advise on suitable charging solutions for electric cars. At home, on the road and at work.

Finally, we are committed to offering multimodal mobility services. This on the basis of the Olympus Mobility app that gives users easy access to public transport, shared cars, shared bicycles, shared scooters, taxis, Uber, Waterbus, international train tickets, …

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