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Last updated on 21 November 2023
Jonathan De Weirt
Jonathan De Weirt,
Mobility Advisor

Meet Tim Brys: cycling enthusiast, Olympus Mobility ambassador, and Olympic rower, of course!

In 2020, he was a medal contender at the Tokyo Games, but in 2023, the focus is on Paris.

You can follow his path closely here.

The name is Brys. Tim Brys.

For the sports laymen among us: Tim Brys is an Olympic rower.

Yes, you read that right! Olympic.

Not only because he is the ambassador of Olympus Mobility but also because he actually participated in the Olympics.

In 2020, he teamed up with his rowing partner Niels Van Zandweghe to compete in Tokyo. The duo eventually achieved an impressive 5th place.

That same year, he also broke Toon Aerts’ cycling record in the Container Cup. That is quite an achievement!

To be honest, we are not really surprised. After all, we have yet to see Tim without his bike. Except on water, that is.

Tim Brys, ambassadeur van Olympus Mobility
Tim Brys, Olympus Mobility ambassador

Next stop: Paris 2024

Those who know a bit about major sporting events are aware that the Olympic Games will take place in 2024.

Sounds like a logical next stop for Tim Brys, doesn’t it?

He will compete in numerous races throughout 2023 to secure his spot in the Belgian rowing team.

It promises to be an exciting year ahead for our ambassador!

Tim’s Journey

The Olympus team wants to support our ambassador on his journey to Paris.

Consequently, you will see some posts appearing on our social media throughout the year with #TimsJourney.

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On this page we keep track of developments related to: Tim Brys’ upcoming competitions, results …

You can follow everything closely. A bit like ESPN, actually, or even a dedicated fan page.

4/02 – GRS indoor competition

Our ambassador spent the last few months preparing with his teammates. After three stages, the time had come: the first race of the season, the ergometer championship in Ghent.

248 rowers competed, each in their own ranking, for the best time on the indoor rowing machines. Tim rowed the 2000 metres in 6 minutes, taking 5th place.

His teammate and world indoor rowing champion Ward Lemmelijn lived up to his title and came first.

Congratulations to all the rowers!

March 12 – International Riverhead

Gold! At the international skiff competition in Seneffe, Tim Brys secured first place.

After a 6-kilometre battle, our ambassador won with some 20 seconds ahead of fellow Belgian Shark Ruben Claeys.

That’s not the first time, by the way.

In both 2019 and 2022, our ambassador could also call himself the winner. In the process, he also improved his time this year (24:17 in 2022, 22:59 in 2023).

In Tim’s own words: ‘Good race. 😊’

Congratulations, Tim!

Practice in Varese (Italy)

Ambassadeur Olympus Mobility Tim Brys op stage in Varese (Italië) met fellow Belgian Sharks

Behind the scenes of the stage in Varese to prepare for the race in Piediluco. 🚣🏼‍♂️

1 – 2 April – Outdoor competition Piediluco

Ambassadeur Tim Brys en onze Belgian Sharks winnen tweemaal brons in Piediluco

Two bronze medals!

The Belgian Sharks took third place in the international rowing competition both Saturday and Sunday. 🥉

Congratulations Tim, Ward, Ruben and Gaston!

21 – 23 April – Belgian Championship Hazewinkel

Ambassadeur van Olympus Mobility Tim Brys behaalde zilver op het Belgisch Kampioenschap roeien in Hazewinkel

Our ambassador is on a winning streak!

He found himself on stage “amongst the youngsters”, as Tim likes to call them.

Congratulations on your silver medal, Tim!

6 to 7 May – Ghent May Regatta

Nothing like a win in your own city. Except for two wins, that is.
At the KRSG Regatta in Ghent, Tim Brys could call himself the winner twice. A wonderful achievement, Tim!

Olympus Mobility ambassador and Olympic rower Tim Brys wins twice at the KRSG Regatta

25 to 28 May – European Championship in Bled

The European Championships in Bled was the first competition where Tim competed against the other European heavyweight skiffeurs. In 2022, he made a switch from the lightweights, a choice that clearly suits him. 

With the Olympus Mobility sticker on his skiff, he rowed four races throughout the weekend. In the B final, where six European skiffeurs compete for places seven to 12, Tim led for most of the race. 
With silver in the B final, he secured a nice 8th place at the European Championships. 

A beautiful race, Tim. On to the next!

15 to 18 June – World Cup Rowing in Varese

Tim continues to perform strongly. At the World Rowing Cup in Varese, our sculler took fourth place.

Congratulations, Tim!

6 to 9 July – World Cup Rowing Luzern

Tim proves to be a fixed value in the top 10. After an exhilarating B final, he took second place. Good for eighth place in the final standings.

With the results of the past World Cups, our ambassador clearly built a solid foundation to qualify for the Olympics.

But first: the World Championship in Belgrade. Good luck!

1 to 10 September – World Championship Belgrade

This year’s World Cup in Belgrade was the moment to secure an Olympic ticket. When you land in the top 9, you’re in.

Tim landed in 13th place, but: “My place does not reflect my performance.

In the first race, our ambassador secured second place. A smooth start, but due to bad luck in the draw, he was up against the number 1, 2 and 4 of the past World Cup season in the quarterfinals.

When you don’t finish in the top three at that point, you also lose your spot in the semi-finals. Tim finished fourth, with less than a second difference to his predecessor.

The further races he won convincingly. He finished in 13th place.

Unfortunately, therefore, no spot for the Paris Olympics yet. But his sights are set on the European Continental Qualification Regatta in April 2024.

I am going to give everything. The chances of placing are great,” Tim said.

Tim Brys op het WK in Belgrado, foto van Balint Czucz

Photo: Balint Czucz

Tim Brys samen met de andere Belgian Sharks op het WK roeien in Belgrado

Photo: Balint Czucz

November 2023 – An update from Tim Brys

Tim Brys: “After my leave, I quietly resumed my training sessions. The focus for the first two weeks was on fun, with no commitments.

When I could not train for a while, it was replaced by a calmer alternative such as a pleasant walk or a session of beach volleyball with friends.

After those first two weeks, I started training more intensively in my skiff. Together with my personal coach, I started my stability scheme with my physiotherapist.

We are currently finishing our training in Bruges, with the entire elite core. We are laying the foundation for our next season.

My focus is mainly on skiff training, because we obviously want to qualify in skiff. Everything is going according to plan for now. We are already looking forward to some less rainy days.”

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