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Want to manage a mobility budget through a single app? Such convenience!

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Last updated on 3 April 2023
Jonathan De Weirt
Jonathan De Weirt,
Mobility Advisor

Looking for a smooth and simultaneous mobility budget management for your employees, with up to 4 budgets? Then the mobility platform of Olympus Mobility and the Olympus app should be your logical choice.


Published 15th of February 2021

Want to manage a mobility budget through a single app? Such convenience!

  • You can combine the legal mobility budget with an expense budget specifically for business travel.
  • Users also have the option to top up their own private budget if the legal mobility budget is not sufficient for their private travel.
  • No ambiguity for passes from De Lijn and/or NMBS. After all, these can only be used on the specific budget from which they are purchased.

Advantages of mobility budget management through our platform

It stands to reason that simultaneous management of the mobility budget through a single platform can only be beneficial. We list the most important ones for you.

  • Employers can analyse their costs by budget type and get clear reporting.
  • All expenses incurred on the employer budget (legal mobility, cafeteria or expense budget) will appear on one invoice. This makes processing and recovery of VAT that much easier.
  • Anything users spend through their private budget is not included in the invoice or in the reporting. In doing so we respect the GDPR regulations.

Flexibility and sustainability lead to wellbeing

Is your company also committed to flexibility and sustainability? This can be done in 1.001 different ways. The important thing here is always to consider the employee’s wellbeing.

  • What options do they have in terms of flexibility?
  • Can they freely choose to work at home, in the office or in a co-working space?
  • In what ways can the employee move to the office or co-working space?

Mobility is important for people. Many companies have realised this and have linked their vision of flexibility and sustainability to it. But how do you approach this concretely as an employer? What opportunities are available to offer your employees flexible and sustainable mobility?

Our answer? Manage the mobility budget in one place

Anything becomes possible for those who manage their employees’ mobility budget through our online platform.

How can you as an employer offer flexible and sustainable mobility to your employees?

Cafeteria plan

In a previous blog article on the flexible mobility in a cafeteria plan we already explained how this all works. In addition to integration with SD Worx’s FIP tool, we plan to set up partnerships with other social secretariats and providers of cafeteria plans.

Also read the testimonial from KPMG, where the Olympus Mobility is included in their Flex Reward Plan.

Legal mobility budget

You can use our mobility platform to manage the legal mobility budget, including pillar 2 as pillar 3.

Employees can use our app to access a wide range of alternative means of transport to use in pillar 2. The balance is transferred every month so that on 31/12 you have a clear balance by employee for pillar 3.

Several of our customers have already implemented the mobility budget such as ACV Belgium, G.I.M., etc.

Expense budget

In our blog on expense bills we make clear what costs you save as an employer by using our mobility app. You can provide a specific budget per month or per year, or choose unlimited. Employees will then not see any amount in the app, but they will know that they have to use the app for business travel.

Since it is not necessary for employees to advance the mobility costs, they have an additional incentive to make effective use of the alternative means of transport. Also read the testimonials from Vlaamse Landmaatschappij and Sweco on their policy and vision for sustainable mobility.

Flexible budget for mobility

You can also use the app for commuting. That way, you can encourage employees to travel those distances is a sustainable manner as well.

Teleworking is increasingly becoming the norm. As an employer, it is therefore best to avoid offering standard subscriptions.

Alternatively, you can offer your employees with a digital tool, such as the Olympus app, which he can use to purchase tickets or multi-ride cards for NMBS, De Lijn, MIVB, TEC. Of course, it also allows for easily switching to shared bikes and/or shared cars through the app for the last mile.

Also read the testimonials from on sustainable mobility and MediaComm.

And there is more

In addition to managing all these mobility budgets on one platform, you can also allow users to use the Olympus app for private travel. Employees then link their own bank card to the app and load a private budget to purchase tickets and transport tickets at weekends or outside working hours.

For your information, the legal mobility budget does not distinguish between service, commuting and private travel because of its favourable tax regime, which allows for private use. Neither the employer nor employees pay taxes on expenditure in pillar 2 of the legal mobility budget. A solidarity contribution of 38.07% must still be charged on the balance in pillar 3 that you have yet to pay out to the employee.

Manage up to 4 mobility budgets, simultaneously!

We already mentioned this above, but it is worth repeating, because this offer is so powerful. You can simultaneously manage up to 4 different mobility budgets on one app. The Olympus app, of course.

  • You can combine an expense budget specifically for business travel with the legal mobility budget.
  • If the legal mobility budget is not sufficient for private travel, users can top up a private budget themselves.
  • Administratively, everything is squeaky clean as well. If users make a particular transaction, they allocate the cost of the ticket to a particular budget. They can also consult and monitor each budget individually in the app.

All costs in one invoice, how convenient!

Besides flexible management of mobility budgets, there are further benefits of our Olympus app. What do you think about these?

  • Clear reporting: as an employer, you can easily analyse mobility costs by budget type.
  • One invoice: on which you will find all expenses incurred on the employer’s budget – including legal mobility, cafeteria, and expense budgets. Processing and VAT recovery could not be any easier.
  • Privacy first: what users spend through a private budget does not appear on the invoice, nor in the reporting. Privacy and GDPR regulations are 100% respected.

Would you like to learn more about smoother management of your employees’ mobility budget?

Then contact the Olympus Mobility team. We would be happy to answer your questions.

Or request a demo of the Olympus app!

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