discover the new mobility service: Miles Mobility in the Olympus app

Miles Mobility in the Olympus app

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Last updated on 26 September 2023
Jonathan De Weirt
Jonathan De Weirt,
Mobility Advisor

With a slogan like ‘carsharing made easy’, Miles Mobility fits perfectly into the Olympus app.

Employees easily drive from city to city with these shared cars.

‘Carsharing made easy’ in the Olympus app

The freedom of a company car, without parking costs or loads of administration.

With Miles Mobility’s shared cars as a new mobility service in the Olympus app, your employees get from point A to point B even easier.

For example, do they have training in Ghent? In the Olympus app, they can easily combine a Miles Mobility shared car with a Blue-bike or a TIER shared scooter.

With their one-stop shop for corporate mobility at hand, they get to enjoy mobility as if it’s tailor-made.

By the way, they also no longer have to keep receipts of their trips. At the end of the month, the Olympus platform collects all expenses on a single invoice.

It saves you as an employer a huge amount of time and administration.

You can find the shared cars in …

  • Brussels
  • Antwerp
  • Ghent
Miles Mobility als nieuwe mobiliteitsdienst in Olympus-app
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About Miles Mobility

Miles Mobility is a carsharing service based on kilometers instead of minutes. Their rates always include fuel and insurance. You don’t have to pay anything to park on public streets within our business area – not even a parking ticket.


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