Cafeteria Plan

Simplified management of your cafeteria plan

Does your company offer its employees a cafeteria plan? Simplify the process for yourself and your employees and put the management in the hands of Olympus Mobility. The flexibility and the user-friendliness of the Olympus app provide enormous benefits for the employer and employees alike.

  • Your employees purchase most mobility services directly from the Olympus app.
  • As an employer, you only pay for the mobility actually consumed. You will receive one monthly invoice on which you can recover VAT.
  • The management portal also processes exceptional expenses.

Flex budget in the Olympus Mobility app

As an employer, you can monitor the status of your employee’s budget at any time. All expenses are kept neatly separated from business travel. Eliminate mix-ups, even with 10-ride cards.

The Olympus management portal provides you with the reports you need on a monthly basis, which you can use as an employer for social security purposes.

In the Olympus Mobility app, the employee can choose to which budget the costs should be linked for each transaction.

  • business budget: for expense management Statutory
  • legal mobility budget: in accordance with the 2019 tax legislation
  • Flex budget: flexible mobility via a cafeteria plan
  • private budget: for private expenses linked to the employee’s personal bank or credit card.

Implement a cafeteria plan with Olympus Mobility and partners

Olympus Mobility works with partners that have extensive expertise in cafeteria plans. These partners will guide and support you in the design and implementation.

In addition to being a partner, KPMG is also a very loyal customer. In this interview with Mobility Manager, Peter Van de Velde, you can read how KPMG has integrated sustainable mobility into its own cafeteria plan. He also explains the role Olympus Mobility plays in this regard.

Would you like more information?

Please contact us. We would be happy to answer your questions. Together we are working towards more sustainable mobility.