Public and
shared transport



Arrange your transportation needs through Olympus for more flexibility, automation and cost savings.

Combine different modes of transport at any time without requiring separate agreements.

Save costs and create useful time.

Set a mobility budget and transport modes per employee.

All costs are bundled together with a report for wage calculation and taxation.

Real-time monitoring of usage for both the employee and employer.

Guaranteed best fares for train tickets and shared cars, for instance.

Experiences from Olympus users…

Olympus alleviates my concerns

"I always travel to Brussels, Ghent or Antwerp with a combination of a train and a Blue-bike through the Olympus app. The app has never let me down and the tickets are clearly displayed. Olympus alleviates my concerns when I have to travel, and that makes it a fantastic product!"
Wim Michiels
Wim Michiels
Founder Anyways
Useful working time on the train

"Since I discovered Olympus, I regularly exchange the car for the train and a Blue-bike to make sure I'm on time. With a Railease Pass this is also very economical and flexible. I use the train time to go through my e-mails and to prepare for meetings."
Business Consultant uit Boechout
Simplifies administration

"Our employees use Olympus for public transport, shared bikes, shared cars and parking. Olympus is accessible, easy to use and it greatly simplifies our administration. Recommended for those who want to put sustainable mobility into practice!"
Arthur Vijghen
Managing director The New Drive