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For all companies that are looking for a simple management system for mobility budgets, business trips and/or cafeteria plans. Always a real-time overview of the budget spent and afterwards you can quickly export everything to your payroll administration. Suitable for all categories of employees.

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Give back time to your employees

Make it easy for yourself and make your employees and / or yourself a VIP in mobility. With the Olympus app on your smartphone, employees can quickly and easily choose from a range of alternative, less stressful transport options. Buy train tickets, take the tram, rent a bike or a shared car? It can all be done online and is neatly billed to your company. Your employees will be happy to leave the car on the side and your company also contributes to more sustainable mobility and a better society.

Combine different modes of transport at any time without requiring separate agreements.

Save costs and create useful time.

Set a mobility budget and transport modes per employee.

One invoice with reporting for payroll calculation and taxation.

Real-time monitoring of usage for both the employee and employer.

Guaranteed best fares for train tickets and shared cars, for instance.

Attractive growth opportunities for employers

Sustainable mobility

Establish an environmentally friendly image

Employer branding

Convince talent with a mobility budget or flexible compensation

Cost saving

Get rid of unnecessary administration and high lease and fuel invoices

High productivity

Improve work-life balance and help your employees perform better

Payroll administration

With kilometer registration for bicycles and cars

Did you know....

…Olympus Mobility is the B2B market leader for Mobility as a Service?

… you already recover the subscription and service fees from 2 – 3 trips per year?

… you only get one monthly invoice for all trips together?

… your employees can also top up their private budget via the mobility app?

Seemless mobility for employees

Easy on the go

No hassle with tickets and cards, everything digital

Sustainable mobility

Fewer cars on the road, less CO2 and more clean air

Mobility package

One app for public and shared transport, and more

Save time

Smart transport combinations instead of traffic jams

We are constantly expanding our mobility offer

Good to know: the app searches for smart transport combinations and the cheapest tickets