Sustainable mobility has never been made easier

Alternative transportation for the employee Administrative facilitation for the employer

For each independent, SME and large entreprise that want to make their mobility more sustainble.

For each entrepreneur and enterprise that seeks a more efficient administration for their mobility procedures.

Discover our functionalities

The mobility platform Olympus Mobility gathers mobility services and serves as a digital guide for end users. 

The user gains access to different mobility solutions through the Olympus app, which increases the user experience.

By using the Olympus app as an access point and by billing directly to the employer, you are able to reduce your administrative proces for all parties included. 

Below you can find an overview of all functionalities the Olympus mobility platform has to offer:

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Advantages for the employer

Sustainable mobility

Establish an environmentally friendly image

Employer branding

Convince talent with a mobility budget or flexible compensation

Cost saving

Get rid of unnecessary administration and high lease and fuel invoices

High productivity

Improve work-life balance and help your employees perform better

Payroll administration

With kilometer registration for bicycles and cars

Advantages for the employee

Peace of min

Arriving without any stress at home or at work, no traffic jams

Liberty of choise

Flexible choise of transportation modes

No financial worries

No worries about expense reports and payments

More me time

Olympus gives back precious time to the employee

Sustainable contribution

You contribute to a better and sustainable environtment

Our mobility partners

Good to know: the app searches for smart transport combinations and the cheapest tickets