What modes of transport can I use once I have the Olympus app?

You can buy tickets right away through the Olympus app for:

Train (NMBS, including Rail Pass and Railease Pass) and we always offer you the best ticket based on your age, discount rights, distance and time;
Tram, metro and bus (De Lijn, MIVB and TEC);

Shared bikes (Blue-bike, Mobit and Velo);

Shared cars (Cambio);

Payment for car parking (B-parking/train stations and street parking)

Office Bus and Shuttle from a station to a company (Shuttle into the Zone) are also available if your company has a separate contract with these services.

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How much does it cost to use Olympus?

You pay a fixed rate per affiliated employee (€ 1,54/month) and a service cost if the employee has actually used a mobility service that month (€ 3,72/month). Please note that these rates apply for membership directly with Olympus. If your company is or will be a member of one of the partners, ask them for the rates to use Olympus.

Apart from saving time and reducing the pressure on your administration, travel is also cheaper with Olympus from 4 trips per year:

  • For journeys with NMBS, the cheapest rate is automatically calculated based on the distance, discount rate, age or Railease occupancy (average saving of 6%);

  • Blue-bike and Vélo can be used without subscription costs;

  • You can park at train stations at a special fare for travellers;

  • Cambio can be used without any guarantee or subscription costs

Read more about mobility costs

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What is the difference with other mobility apps and tickets?

Olympus currently has the largest number of transport providers available on its platform. Not only does this put all your mobility costs on one invoice, Olympus also acts as a sales channel with its own digital platform. The advantage of this is that you do not need to conclude separate agreements or purchase separate tickets from the various transport providers, but you still benefit from a favourable rate, such as the Rail Pass or Railease Pass from NMBS. You don’t have to go to ticket offices or vending machines before you can use public transport. Olympus is truly your only point of contact for all your mobility requirements, from purchase to invoicing.

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What is the difference between connecting through a partner and through Olympus itself?

Our partners offer Olympus within their existing portfolio of mobility solutions. The advantage is that you will receive full support from their helpdesk and your Olympus costs, together with the partner’s other costs, will be shown on your monthly invoice. The difference with connecting directly to Olympus is that you only receive online support and that you have to upload an advance business budget before you can use Olympus.

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What happens after I have placed my order with Olympus?

You will receive a confirmation with login credentials for the Olympus management portal, with instructions and a manual, within a maximum of two working days. You then transfer an advance business budget of your choice, with structured communication.

You can now start to assign your employee accounts and personal user limits, if preferred. Your employees will automatically receive instructions to download and use the Olympus Mobility app. They can order tickets immediately, provided that the advance business budget and user limits allow this. Every month you will receive a detailed invoice that has already been paid through the advance business budget.

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How does the advance business budget work?

If you are a direct member of Olympus, you as a company must top up the deposit before your employees can order tickets. This is easily done by transferring an amount that will appear on your Olympus management portal up to three days later. You can always consult the balance of your business budget advance in the Olympus portal and you will also be notified if your pre-set minimum amount is approaching. Please note that if the balance becomes too low, your employees will no longer be able to order tickets. At the end of the month, you will also receive an Olympus invoice with detailed information, but this invoice will always have been paid through your deposit.

You can also use Olympus without an advance business budget through our partners. You then order Olympus directly through them, which means that you can use Olympus by means of an invoice on a monthly basis, without requiring an advance business budget.

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How does the individual budget work?

The employer always sets an individual budget per employee. This is a virtual budget that allows the employee to purchase tickets per month or per year. If you are informed that this budget is insufficient, please contact your employer.

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What's the difference between business budget and mobility budget?

An app user can have multiple budgets for buying transport tickets:

Business budget

That is the budget that is currently available for every app user and the default budget in the sales flows.
To be applied for business trips or cafetaria plan.

Mobility budget

= the mobility budget as it was approved by the Belgian government in the beginning of 2019.
Not all app users are eligible for a mobility budget, only employees who have (or have the right to) a company car for a long enough period.

Not all products are available in the mobility budget: for example, parking tickets can not be purchased with the mobility budget (legal restriction).

More information on the mobility budget (in Dutch):

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How do I cancel my contract with Olympus?

You can cancel your contract at any time in the management portal. The remaining balance will then be fully refunded to your account.

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Can I use Olympus as a private individual?

At the moment, the only option available for private individuals (i.e. without your company having to join) is for commuting to or from Antwerp. This is part of a campaign by Smart Ways to Antwerp, in collaboration with the city.  Click here for more information.

Private Blue-bike customers living in Deinze can also use Olympus. Click here for more information.

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How does the mobility budget work with Olympus?

Olympus makes it easy to allocate and monitor a mobility budget per employee. You can also set specific permissions per employee or group of employees for transport modes.

Third party payment subscriptions for NMBS can be integrated into the budget management. Subscription costs can be charged in Olympus and incorporated into the budgets of the relevant employees. Olympus provides you with a simple report that helps you in the processing of your payroll administration and for optimal VAT and cost deduction.

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How are all the different costs treated for tax purposes?

In general, the following rule applies:

  • Tickets for De Lijn, NMBS, MIVB, rent for Blue-bike or Vélo = 6%.
  • B-parkings, Cambio shared cars = 21%.

However, VAT on individual tickets is not always deductible because you must be able to prove that you have actually used it for business purposes.

In the Olympus app, the employee can indicate the purpose (work, living/working or private, if permitted by the employer) with each order. Purchases that are eligible for VAT deductions can then easily be identified for the VAT return through Olympus’ handy invoice and the detail provided. This contains extensive detail, verified by Federal Public Service Finance.

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What is the private budget?

Every user who uses the Olympus Mobility app through his employer can also make personal purchases.
This private budget is independent of the employer and is charged via online payment with a personal Maestro bank card or Mastercard credit card.

The privacy of the user is guaranteed: the employer does not receive a report on these private purchases.

The user has an overview of his purchases via the budget menu in his app.

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