How does the Olympus platform work?

First, choose your profile.

  • Medium / large enterprise
  • Small business
  • Entrepreneur
  • Employee
  • Step 1. Activate your account

    Your Olympus manager activates your account.

    Next, you’ll receive your login details and the user guide via email.

    You’ll get your unique PIN code via SMS.

  • Step 2. Log in to the Olympus app

    Download the Olympus app and log in with the provided details.

    Your budget and mobility options are ready to use.

  • Step 3. Hit the road

    Enjoy your favorite mobility services or explore new options. Order any ticket in just a few clicks in the Olympus app.

    Using the Olympus app with family members? Add a private budget and create a new Olympus account for each person.

  • Step 4. Your budget adjusts automatically

    After each journey, your budget adjusts automatically.

    This allows you to track in real-time how much of your remaining budget is left. You can always find your previous trips in the Olympus app.

  • Step 5. Do you have a question?

    No problem. Our customer support answers your question within 24 hours 95% of the time.

    Often, you can also find your answer in the FAQ or the Help centre in the Olympus app.

On the road with these companies

  • “Integrating mobility into a cafeteria plan was a budget-neutral exercise. We are reaping the benefits of it today.”

    Peter Van de Velde
  • “At our location in Brussels, 90% of our employees opt for an alternative solution.”

    Sandra Eemans
  • “Olympus Mobility is an important asset when recruiting new employees.”

    Griet De Ranter
    Bank Van Breda
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