How does the Olympus platform work?

First, choose your profile.

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  • Small business
  • Entrepreneur
  • Employee
  • Step 1. Discover the platform

    Get to know the Olympus platform with our mobility advisors, Bert or Jonathan. Get answers to all your questions.

  • Step 2. Sign up

    Fill in your company details and create your account.

    After confirmation, you will receive the login details for the Olympus management portal and a guide.

  • Step 3. Create accounts

    Log in to the management portal and create accounts for your employees.

    Your employees will automatically receive a confirmation email with instructions, a download link for the Olympus app, and login details. They will also receive their unique PIN code via SMS.

  • Step 4. Assign budgets

    Assign each employee a limited or unlimited monthly or annual budget.

    This can be for commuting, business trips, cafeteria plans, and the legal mobility budget.

  • Step 5. Top up your company budget

    Your company budget is the ‘pool of money’ that your employees use to pay for their trips.

    When you set a lower limit, you will automatically receive an invitation to top up the company budget. This prevents your employees from running out of budget.

  • Step 6. Employees hit the road

    Once employees have installed the Olympus app and have a budget, they can purchase digital transportation and parking tickets.

    The amount for each purchase is automatically deducted from your company budget. As long as that budget is not depleted and your employee has not reached their personal limit, they can continue to enjoy flexible mobility.

  • Step 7. Keep track of everything

    Every month, you’ll receive one invoice with an overview of the mobility history, VAT amounts, and service fees.

    Additionally, you can easily access reports via the Olympus management portal. Adding employees, adjusting budgets, or assigning new roles can also be done effortlessly.

On the road with these companies

  • “Integrating mobility into a cafeteria plan was a budget-neutral exercise. We are reaping the benefits of it today.”

    Peter Van de Velde
  • “At our location in Brussels, 90% of our employees opt for an alternative solution.”

    Sandra Eemans
  • “Olympus Mobility is an important asset when recruiting new employees.”

    Griet De Ranter
    Bank Van Breda
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