Simplified management of the mobility budget

Olympus simplifies the process of managing your employees’ mobility budgets. Most of the mobility services can be purchased directly by the employee through the app, and you pay for the mobility consumed on a monthly basis. Exceptional expenses are processed in the management portal.

As an employer, you can monitor the status of your employee’s mobility budget at any time. All expenses are therefore kept neatly separated from business travel. Eliminate mix-ups, even with 10-ride cards.

An annual report is drawn up to enable the employer to pay out the budget surpluses.

Each employee can use up to three separate budgets

  • Business budget : for business travel or cafeteria plan
  • Mobiliteitsbudget : in accordance with tax legislation for 2019
  • Private budget : for private expenditure. This is completely separate from the employer and is linked to the employee’s personal bank or credit card.