Overview of the mobility options in the Olympus app

Below you will find a detailed overview of all options in the Olympus Mobility app.

  • Provider
  • Product
  • Potential transaction costs
ProviderPriceTransaction cost
SNCB: ticketing, local multi, standard multi, railease pasOfficial rates SNCB on http://www.belgianrail.be0
De Lijn: m-ticket and m-cardOfficial rates De Lijn on www.delijn.be0
MIVB: Brupass 10, Brupass XL 10, Go2City 10Official rates MIVB on www.mivb.be2%
TEC: ticketingOfficial rates TEC on www.infotec.be0
Cambio – car sharingOlympus flex business tarif:
– bonus tarif (rental time) on week days between 7AM-6PM
– start tarif (rental time) on week days after 6PM and during weekends and holidays
– bonus tarif (km)
– No deposit
– No subscription cost
– safety pack optional at 3 €/month (VAT incl)

General conditions and information about bonus and start tarif on www.cambio.be   One time activation cost of 5€ VAT incl.
Blue bike – bike sharingGeneral conditions on www.blue-bike.be0
Velo Antwerp – bike sharingGeneral conditions on website Velo Antwerp https://www.velo-antwerpen.be/ Potential extra costs.0
Mobit – bike sharingGeneral conditions Mobit on www.mobit.eu0
Swapfiets – bike rentalGeneral conditions on website Swapfiets https://swapfiets.be/
Potential extra costs.
4411 – on street parkingSee conditions 4411 on https://www.4411.be/nl/gebruikersvoorwaarden
The parking rates of the cities are charged transparently. The transaction cost 4411 (category app) is passed on transparently.
€0,25 VAT incl
B-Parking – parking near the SNCB train stationsThe standard rates for train passengers are applied. An annual evaluation can be made to see if the concept of parking + train travel is harmed by parking alone. If necessary, Olympus Mobility will examine with B-Parking how the correct rate can be applied. This may lead to a rate adjustment. The rates applied are not necessarily the same in all B car parks and may be adjusted from time to time in accordance with the provisions of the parking regulations in force.
See the B-Parking website at www.b-parking.be, section on parking rates and parking regulations
CarpoolAnnual license based on number of employees.
The price is decreasingly increasing with a minimum annual license starting price of € 1200 excluding VAT and increases in proportion to the number of employees in the affiliated organization according to scale:
– €0.75/employee per year from 500 to 3,000 employees
– €0.675/employee per year from 3,001 to 5,000 employees
– €0.5625/employee per year from 5,001 to 10,000 employees
– €0.375/employee per year of >10,000 employee

250 € excl VAT start-up costs in the first year
Mobib card5€ VAT incl4,95 VAT incl
Olympus LinkrOfficial rates of the available mobility providers0,30€ VAT excl service cost per transaction
Olympus Refundr€750 +VAT one-time setup cost per entity.
If additional entity:
– €150 + VAT if < 100 employees
– €250 +VAT if > or = 100 employees

Rate from our partner My Mobility Budget Butler. See rate list below or in our General conditions (Article 10 – rates).
0,30€ VAT excl service cost per transaction
Overview and tarifs of mobility services

Overview of the administration costs for the Olympus Refundr service by My Mobility Budget Butler

NrDescriptionPricing (vat excl)
1Costs for renting a home (for the current calendar year)30€ per contract/year
2home mortgage (for the current calendar year)30€ per year
3Car rental (max. 30 days per year)20€ per Ticket
4Bicycle purchase (any retailer is accepted)15€ per Ticket
5Rental of bicycles, scooters, electric vehicles up to 45 km/h any seller is accepted (FR, UK, NL, SP, IT, DE, PT language)15€ per Ticket
6Taxi – (FR, UK, NL, SP, IT, DE, PT language)8€ per Ticket
7International trains and foreign public transport8€ per Ticket
8Parking linked to a public transport pass8€ per Ticket
9Employee support on legal mobility budget€6 per ticket
10Tickets from 4€ (incl VAT) to 20€ (incl VAT) (one is checked every 10 tickets per company)1,5€ per Ticket
Olympus Refundr administration costs