Feel like leaving your car behind once in a while?
Olympus is more economical from 2 to 3 journeys a year, because it allows you to order alternative means of transport quickly, easily and at a low cost. The invoice is sent to your employer.

Olympus Mobility makes flexible mobility easy

The Olympus Mobility app on your smartphone makes it easy to switch between transport options. Do you have a meeting in the middle of town, and you think it is better not to take the car? Simply order a train ticket and rent a Blue-bike for the last kilometre from the station. This way you can be sure to be at your meeting on time, without having to find parking or deal with traffic.

Did the traffic report predict long lines and driving rain? Why not leave your (lease) car at home and take the train or bus?

Parking also becomes easier, including street parking and parking at train stations.

Olympus app pays for itself quickly

If you decide to leave your car at home, you can easily save a lot of money, depending on the distance. Some examples:

 DistanceOlympusprivate carlease car
 Kortrijk – Roeselaere25 km€63 €97€74
   + € 34+ €11
Kortrijk – Gent50 km€66€130€101
   + €64+ €35
Kortrijk – Antwerpen100 km€74€206€163
   + €132+ €89

Saving of € 70.44 per employee per year

Depending on the distance, using Olympus would already be more economical for the business and the employee from 2 to 3 journeys per year when using alternative modes of transport instead of your own car.

For example: 3 one-way journeys of 25 km: € 73.60 less expenditure and much more convenient.
(Cost of using Olympus for 3 months over a year: 12 months x € 1.54 + 3 months € 3.72 = € 29.64)

Note: it depends on the distance of the journey and operating cost of the vehicle whether it is more economical to travel using other means of transport or your own car. In general, longer distances are more economical when travelling by alternative means of transport.

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