The employee with subscription to public transport

Do you have a subscription for public transport and you regularly need to make a journey that is not covered by your subscription? Olympus is more economical from 2 journeys per year due to better rates, less administration, easier VAT recovery and more options in an instant.

Always an alternative available

Do you have a subscription for your commute, but occasionally you also have to make other journeys for work where you cannot use your subscription? No car or you do not want to use your car for work? With the Olympus Mobility app on your smartphone, you always have an option available to get to your destination.

You can easily order a train or bus ticket and rent a shared bike for the last kilometre. If you are carrying many bags or you need to be in a remote location, you can even rent a Cambio shared car or small van through Olympus Mobility.

You also do not have to worry about payment as the invoice goes directly to your employer.

More economical

Depending on the distance, Olympus would already be more economical for the business and the employee from 2 to 3 journeys per year when using alternative modes of transport instead of your own car.

Saving of € 70.44 per employee per year
€ 104.12 per year less expenditure
(Olympus costs 4 months of use over an entire year :12 months x € 1.54 + 4 months x € 3.72 = € 33.36

  1. Better rates for NMBS, parking stations, Blue-bike, Cambio, etc.
    € 22.48 per year per employee
  2. Avoid administrative costs
    € 73.53 per employee per year
  3. Better VAT recovery
    € 8.11 per employee per year
  4. All in one access provides greater coverage with public and shared transport
    More journeys with alternative modes of transport possible.

Detailed calculations

Better rates

  • Best NMBS rates price calculation provides an average of 6 % savings
    App suggests the best price depending on distance, discount entitlement, age or a Railease pass
  • No Blue-bike, Velo subscription costs
  • Parking at train stations at reduced rates for passengers
  • Cambio:
    • No activation cost or guarantee
    • No subscription costs
    • Economical hourly and km rate

Avoid administrative costs

Better VAT recovery

Recovery of VAT on train tickets, De Lijn tickets, parking, … easy as all costs are included on one invoice.

Better accessibility and more options available