Your tailor-made mobility plan

Mobility and everything that comes with it, it remains a complicated matter. But Olympus Mobility is here to help. Are you as a company investigating your mobility? Analyzing all options and offers? Are you looking for sustainable mobility solutions to customize your mobility plan? In that case, our Mobility Budget Butler service will certainly come in handy.

Published 10th of December 2021

Mobility and all that it entails remains a complicated subject. Fortunately, Olympus Mobility is here to help you. Are you a company exploring your mobility options? Are you busy analysing all the options and offers available? Looking for sustainable mobility solutions to boost your tailor-made mobility plan? If so, our Mobility Budget Butler service is exactly what you need.

What is our Mobility Budget Butler service?

It is a to-the-point consultancy for companies that are in the preparation phase of their mobility plan to create a tailor-made mobility plan for them.

You get an in-depth analysis, additional advice and extensive insight. Once the preparatory work is done, the Olympus Mobility team turns its attention to the effective implementation and the management system. You can count on receiving an offer with the most sustainable mobility solutions.

In brief: With Olympus Mobility, you get an all-in-one solution. We can help you with:

  • the preparatory process of mobility analysis and advice,
  • and the actual implementation of the mobility solutions.

Looking for your perfect mobility plan?

Is your company looking into the correct implementation of a mobility plan? Then you may be asking yourself the following questions.

  • How can I improve mobility in my company?
  • How can I reduce my carbon footprint?
  • What are the compelling projects?
  • What can be done with the resources I have?
  • What people and issues are associated with these projects?
  • Which projects will have a major impact and how do I select them?
  • How should I go about this, where should I start?
  • How can I avoid wasting a lot of time on information and documentation?

Our Mobility Budget Butler service pays close attention to your mobility issues and concerns, because that is precisely the basis for finding the best mobility solution for your company. We then prepare a tailor-made mobility plan that meets all your requirements.

The plan encourages smart and future-oriented mobility strategies, while also taking the legal and fiscal system in place in Belgium into account.

This mobility plan is guaranteed to be tailored to the situation in your company and the resources and time you have at your disposal.

It includes the following:

  • the projects to be implemented,
  • the order in which they should be implemented,
  • an estimate of the budgets and resources that should be made available to you,
  • and the time you will have to spend on it.

Concrete working method

We analyse the current situation in your company during four consultancy hours. Next, we help you select the mobility projects you want to implement.

During a two-hour work meeting, we analyse and discuss the information you have collected. After all has been done, you will receive an efficient tailor-made mobility plan.

You pay a fixed amount of € 299 +VAT for this service.

This is then followed by the actual implementation of the mobility solutions and their efficient management.

Looking for a tailor-made mobility plan and mobility solution?

Are you interested in one or more mobility solutions that suits your company’s needs? Want to order and receive a mobility plan? Simply send an e-mail to