The employee with a mobility budget

Do your employees have access to a sustainable mobility package?

Olympus mobility provides detailed reporting, efficient and accurate tax processing and a means of transport tailored to each employee’s needs and route.

A small step to making your business more sustainable

Is social responsibility within your company not just a buzz phrase, but a real concept? 

Do you want to encourage your employees to deal with their mobility in a more sustainable and more efficient manner?

Olympus Mobility makes it easy to provide your employees with access to an à la carte menu of sustainable transport options, with a minimum administrative burden on your HR department.

Simply configure a menu of transport options and allocate the mobility budget per employee or group of employees.

Easy management of the mobility budget

  • Allocation and follow-up per employee
  • Manage authorisations per employee or group of employees. Who is allowed to use which means of transport, for which purpose (home-work, work-work, private), etc.
  • Integration of third-party payer subscriptions NMBS (+ MIVB + De Lijn + TEC) in budget management
  • Best prices for individual journeys
  • Optimal VAT and cost deduction
  • Simple reporting for smooth processing in payroll administration
  • Simple digital process to register your employee


The Olympus platform provides detailed reporting that can be used as input for salary calculations. Correct tax processing has been clarified in a ruling with the FPS Finance.