Mobility budget 2.0

The Federal Government has approved the bill to make the legal mobility budget more attractive for both employer and employee. The proposal makes it easy for the employer to implement, and it offers more possibilities for the employee. From 1 January 2022, the new rules will be in force!

Published the 20th of Octobre 2021

10 things you need to know as an employer about the renewed mobility budget

As you may have heard, the new version of the legal mobility budget is on its way. It was approved by Parliament on 10 November 2021 and will enter into force on 1 January 2022.

These are 10 things you definitely need to know as an employer about the renewed mobility budget:

  • Waiting periods imposed on employees are abolished! It is no longer necessary to have a company car for a year before you can switch to the mobility budget.
  • A minimum and maximum amount has been set for the renewed mobility budget: The minimum amount is set at EUR 3000 and the maximum amount is set at EUR 16000 or 1/5th of the employee’s annual salary.
  • The government will make a Mobility Budget Calculator available. This is a handy tool for calculating the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), with which the mobility budget can be calculated on a flat-rate basis.
  • Public transport subscriptions are extended to include the employee’s family members.
  • Allowances for bicycle and pedestrian kilometres can be paid to an employee with their mobility budget.
  • Parking fees for the use of public transport (e.g. parking at the station to take the train) are added to the list of permitted expenses.
  • From now on, homeowners can deduct the monthly interest and capital repayments on their loan from their budget.
  • The radius around the workplace for deduction of accommodation expenses is increased from 5 km to 10 km for all employees!
  • Spending on shared mobility solutions (Green Mobility, Lime, Go Sharing, etc.) and chauffeur-driven car rentals (Uber, Husk, etc.) should be carbon-free from 2026 onwards.
  • Bicycles and similar equipment: garage expenses, protective equipment for the driver and passengers and visibility gear are added to the list of permitted expenses.

The final step in the mobility budget renewal is the vote in the plenary of the Parliament, which will take place soon. We will of course update this blog article as soon as this is the case.

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