Tim Brys ambassador of Olympus Mobility

Big news! Ghent Olympian Tim Brys joins the Olympus Mobility team.

You know this rower from his 5th place at the Olympic Games in Tokyo, which he won together with his rowing partner Niels Van Zandweghe. By the way, you found him in the Container Cup in 2020. There he beat the cycling record of cyclist Toon Aerts.

Tim is actually a hidden cyclist, but in 2024 he will continue his Olympic rowing performances at the Olympic Games in Paris.

So a true Olympian. In addition, his competitions also have a sustainable side. He always travels by public transport. Add Ghent roots to that and you get a perfect fit with Olympus Mobility.

As an ambassador, he can count on the Olympus app in the coming years to register his rowing kilometers … but also to support his environmentally conscious transport of course.

Tim: “As rowers, we constantly use water. It is therefore important to me to take care of the planet, both in my sport and beyond. That is why I choose to support a Ghent company like Olympus Mobility in their sustainable mobility solutions.”

His impressive achievements can be followed on the social media of Tim and Olympus Mobility. So watch out!