Wunderman Thompson kiest voor Olympus Mobility voor hun mobiliteitsbeheer en het wettelijk mobiliteitsbudget.

“With Olympus Mobility, we stand out in the war for talent.”

The war for talent. A real battleground for many, but for some the moment to stand out from the rest.

Wunderman Thompson understood this. Their secret weapon? The legal mobility budget.

To manage that easily, they knocked on Olympus Mobility’s door.

We spoke to Catherine Lurinx, Chief Operation Officer, about how they experience the collaboration.

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Mediahuis klant

“Olympus Mobility takes us one step closer to a green world.”

Mediahuis is committed to sustainability to help reduce its CO2 emissions by 2030. And that includes alternative mobility. In 2019, Mediahuis introduced Olympus Mobility. Sandra Eemans, Fleet & Mobility Officer at Mediahuis Belgium: “Olympus Mobility takes us one step closer to a green world.”

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“KPMG integrates sustainable mobility into cafeteria plan”

KPMG’s international network of audit and consultancy services has been fully focusing on sustainable mobility since 2017. The company relies on the Olympus Mobility app for this purpose. In addition to solutions for individual work journeys and a mobility budget, the digital platform also offers employers a third option: integration into a cafeteria plan. “And that’s exactly what KPMG was looking for,” explains Peter Van de Velde, Mobility/HR Process Manager at KPMG Belgium. “This way the employees are at the helm.”

The Belgian division of KPMG – which together with EY, PwC and Deloitte forms the so-called ‘Big Four’ – was already working on sustainable mobility before 2017. “We started doing our own research into Mobility as a Service, for example, and at various events we discussed this pressing topic with fellow entrepreneurs and suppliers,” says Peter Van de Velde. “Finally, two years ago – when our head office moved to Brussels Airport – we brought all the information together in a strong mobility plan, which is part of a broader cafeteria plan.”

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“The trend towards a sustainable mobility policy has been set”

“Once we started shopping for a provider of sustainable mobility solutions, we quickly came across Olympus Mobility. We made a comparison of the different tools based on price – quality and options,” says Griet De Ranter.

“The discussions with Olympus Mobility went smoothly right from the start and we quickly received clear answers to all our practical questions.”

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“Sweco wins award with mobility policy and Olympus Mobility app

Fewer work journeys, more sustainable mobility and a greener fleet: these are the three main ingredients of consultancy and engineering firm Sweco’s innovative mobility policy. Their recent efforts started bearing fruit almost immediately. Employee satisfaction has increased and the company and won both gold at the link2fleet awards in 2019 and FLEET Mobility Manager of the Year in 2023. We asked Fleet Owner of the Year Vicky De Bollen, Director Finance, Facility & Legal at Sweco Belgium, exactly how she managed that.

Sweco Belgium has 9 offices and more than 1,300 employees. Mobility is therefore a complex matter. The good news is that the consultancy and engineering firm itself has many traffic and mobility experts in its ranks. “This means that you are basically obliged to draw up an innovative policy,” says Vicky De Bollen with a wink. “We are happy to assume this pioneering role and mobility has meanwhile become one of our strongest assets as an employer.”

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Getuigenis VK Group

VK Architects & Engineers focuses on sustainable mobility” 

As a leading architecture and engineering firm, VK Architects & Engineers aims to take a leading role in circular construction. Sustainability is at the heart of this. We have developed the “VK Green Deal” sustainability plan not only for our projects, but also for our own organisation, together with our employees.

Sustainable mobility is an important part of this. A comprehensive review of our mobility policy allows our employees to make a conscious choice between car or alternative solutions. KPMG referred us to Olympus in our search for partners who could support us in this.

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Mint customer

“The app, with its many functionalities, was professionally and expertly presented and implemented 

The Olympus app was positively received by our employees right from the start. All possibilities for multimodal travel are within reach in one application: public transport, shared bike systems, shared car systems, parking, …

A private budget was added by some employees from day one. An additional motivation: because the app is so easy to use, it can also be used for private travel. A win-win situation for a sustainable future in one fell swoop.

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“The Olympus Mobility app is a blessing for administration”

MediaComm is experiencing remarkable growth. The Antwerp design company currently has four offices and 60 graphic designers who are on the road every day. Together they account for more than 10,000 journeys per year. Efficient mobility is therefore essential, but the administration must also run smoothly. “And that combination is precisely the strength of Olympus Mobility,” says Aline Van Aerde, mobility and customer administration manager at MediaComm.

Communication agencies, publishers, advertising agencies and other companies where design plays a crucial role can rest assured. If they need temporary or structural support, MediaComm is at their disposal with a graphic intervention team of 60 employees. These graphic designers spread their wings across Flanders and Brussels. The one thing they have in common is that they work at the customers’ premises, which means that every working day begins and ends with a journey.

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“ lives up to its ambitions for sustainable mobility”​

In recent years, many organisations have added adjectives such as environmentally friendly, ecological and sustainable to their mission. But it is often more difficult to implement that theory in reality. Not so with, the umbrella association of the christelijke arbeidersbeweging (Christian workers’ movement). There, deeds take precedence over words. “The latest development in our sustainability policy is a pilot project with Olympus Mobility,” explained Luc Dendooven, Head of Finance and Administration. “The first reactions are already very promising.”

Mobility is the key to a healthy work-life balance for the 120 employees of in the Brussels suburb of Schaerbeek. That is why the organisation, in collaboration with Belfius Auto Lease, started looking for a solution that was advantageous to all of their colleagues, as well as to the organisation itself. It did not take them long to choose Mobility as a Service in the form of the mobility app from Olympus Mobility.

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“VLM is confident in its choice of the Mobility app “

De Vlaamse Landmaatschappij (VLM) is a public service that aims to make open space livable and sustainable, among others. VLM also wanted to tackle its mobility in the same way, to see how they could reduce emissions, improve the connection of employees to public transport, work more with shared bikes… And manage all this in an efficient manner. This ultimately led the VLM to Olympus Mobility. Steven Scheirlinckx, Facility Manager of VLM, explains.

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“Our road towards Olympus Mobility?”

Well, actually I saw Olympus Mobility start years ago as a project that initially mainly focused on electric mobility.

So I already knew the name and also knew that the project had evolved into a platform that worked around multimodality. I saw Blue-bike getting involved and other mobility providers, but it didn’t have enough weight for me until recently (based on what I knew about it).

What I did not know is the entire range of services around it and how large the range has meanwhile become, so that it was suddenly removed from the project sphere for me, and it has become a real platform that users can rely on for both work and private life.

It was purely out of my own interest that I wanted to know more and answered your question to come and give an explanation. But in the end I made the link to the operation of our organization in several areas such as commuting and work trips, efficient purchases and administrative handling because the mobility offer within the platform is really large and covers a lot. Moreover, the service is very well organized.

As an environmental organization, it is in any case embedded in our DNA to be as sustainable as possible in our operations. That is why we have never worked with company cars and have always radically opted for the train, for example. Under my impulse, years ago we also took out Blue-bike subscriptions and at one point also cambio, a NMBS business account, etc. All this in an attempt to be multimodal, also for service travel and to be able to use it efficiently of the different tools available.

But it remained a puzzle. The systems were used, but not yet fully. It does take some extra work to buy train tickets via app nr 1 and to use a bicycle via app nr 2,…, one then buys a train ticket at the counter, another uses the business account anyway. One advances first and then posts an expense report, etc. So no uniformity in use. Also, the administrative processing of all the different subscriptions is no laughing matter for the employees who use them, as well as for the people from the accounting department to keep track of all subscriptions, make statements and make expense reports.

The Olympus app bundles all of this. The administrative processing is smooth and the use is super easy.

Els Vanden Berghe – Managing Director

“Sustainable mobility is one of the spearheads of our corporate philosophy

From the start of our company, sustainable mobility has been one of the spearheads of our corporate philosophy. Hence our location close to the station, “compulsory” work from home and frequent use of the train and Blue Bike.

From an administrative point of view, there is a lot involved in arranging the payment for the train rides and the Blue Bikes and entering them correctly with the payroll and accounting. Olympus offers an ideal solution for this. Everyone can purchase all their rides via their app and the invoice is automatically sent to us. Moreover, you can sporadically use other facilities that require a normal and annual subscription, such as Cambio and Velo.

Bert Van Olympus has guided us very well in tailoring our contract to our needs. Moreover, it is nice to know that we can always contact him if you have any questions.

“Alternative mobility without administrative hassle​

With Blueground we would like to contribute to a solution to the major mobility issue, which is why we are now offering the Mobility Budget to our employees.

We soon noticed that these good intentions are accompanied by a great administrative burden …

To ensure that we can offer our employees alternative mobility solutions without creating an administrative hassle, we have engaged Olympus Mobility.

Thanks to the user-friendly application, our employees can freely use many mobility solutions without burdening our internal organization with additional administrative follow-up.

“Much simplified administration​

With our move to Post X, we ended up in a community where almost any form of relocation is within reach for our employees: train, tram, bus, shared bicycles, shared driving, … you name it. Our core business is the generation of renewable energy, so we set strict targets for ourselves in terms of mobility.

For example, we are working on an emission-free fleet and we also encourage our employees to use alternative means of transport. The Olympus app makes it easy for our employees to deploy a means of transport of their choice quickly and efficiently and, on our side, we enjoy a greatly simplified administration.