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The legal mobility budget with Business & Decision

The legal mobility budget: a complex affair for many. How is implementation progressing? How do users experience it?

We spoke to Tine Vangrunderbeek, Mobility Manager, and Pierre Caeymaex, Data Consultant, of Business & Decision about the roll-out of the legal mobility budget and their experience with this tax advantageous framework.

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Tim’s Journey

Meet Tim Brys: cycling enthusiast, Olympus Mobility ambassador, and Olympic rower, of course!

In 2020, he was a medal contender at the Tokyo Games, but in 2023, the focus is on Paris.

You can follow his path closely here. 💪🏼

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The 5 corporate mobility trends of 2023

Mobility is a hot topic.

Employees’ needs are changing and technological innovations are reshaping the market.

But what trends should you as an HR manager keep your eye on in 2023?

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Improving the flow of work

At the beginning of 2022, our product development team decided that it wanted to deliver faster because it had become harder to meet release dates. We wanted to take a step back to find out what was going on and find ways to improve.

This blog post will describe the steps we took to identify the problems and how we adressed them so we could deliver value sooner with higher quality.

Published 18th of October 2022

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How to solve the long waiting times for company cars!

There are delays with new cars and the waiting times for company cars are also getting longer. You may already be experiencing this in your fleet. Delivery times are taking longer than ever, and company cars could almost be described as a scarce commodity. How do you deal with this as a fleet manager?

Published 22nd of August 2022

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Here’s how to save on employee petrol costs

Fuel prices are skyrocketing in 2022. As the cost of petrol climbs above € 2 per litre, organisations are becoming much more interested in finding an alternative for their company cars. But what is the solution?

Published 25th of June 2022

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Mobility budget 2.0

The Federal Government has approved the bill to make the legal mobility budget more attractive for both employer and employee. The proposal makes it easy for the employer to implement, and it offers more possibilities for the employee. From 1 January 2022, the new rules will be in force!

Published 20th of November 2021

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Is mobility an administrative nightmare? Do away with the expense bills!

Is mobility a complex issue for your company? This is very likely the case, since there are so many different mobility options available. But it does not have to be that way, because everything can be done so much easier. Market leader Olympus Mobility ensures the implementation of your mobility policy. Please read on, because we support this statement with a numerical example.

Published 20th of June 2021

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Want to manage a mobility budget through a single app? Such convenience!

Looking for a smooth and simultaneous mobility budget management for your employees, with up to 4 budgets? Then the mobility platform of Olympus Mobility and the Olympus app should be your logical choice.


Published 15th of February 2021

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Flexible mobility in your cafeteria plan? Good idea!

The Coronavirus crisis has completely shaken up our pattern of living. These days, work consists of a combination of telecommuting, multiple offices and coworking spaces. This means that we no longer travel to the same workplace every day. Consequently, more and more employees are rethinking the way they move around. In doing so, they wonder whether a switch to flexible mobility could be more appropriate, possibly as part of a cafeteria plan.


Published 18th October 2020

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Has the ground been prepared for a reform of corporate mobility practices?

Much has already been written about the Coronavirus crisis and its potential future consequences. Has our society changed forever? Is an unparalleled economic disaster heading our way? Are we heading towards a reform of corporate mobility practices? This is a question on everyone’s lips, because nobody is sure. It’s clear that companies that dare to question their current practices and act quickly will come out of this stronger. Are we heading for a new ‘mobility era’?

Published 20th of August 2020

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Easy kilometre registration

In the post-Coronavirus world, your best bet as a company is to find a simple kilometre registration system for your employees. Our tip? Choose one that also takes your employees who cycle into account, because it is clear that the classic two-wheeler is set to gain considerably in popularity. Studies in various cities have already shown that the bike is the only means of transport that actually has an increasing number of users. Cities are therefore investing heavily in cycling paths and safety for cyclists.

Published 16th of May 2020

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Multi-ride card or subscription? The Mobility app makes that choice very simple

In post-Coronavirus times, employees will no longer travel back and forth to work every day. In fact, they will often be absent from the workplace for several days because of working from home, part-time or satellite work. Many of them have also discovered the joy of cycling during the Coronavirus period. For these employees, a classic public transport subscription is not always the best solution anymore. We will check the best option for you, a multi-ride card or a subscription?

Published 10th of April 2020


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Webinar: legal mobility budget with Silverfin

The legal mobility budget in practice with Silverfin

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