TOTAL cardholders access to Olympus

There are currently 400,000 Belgian workers and self-employed people who have TOTAL fuel cards that also benefit from a range of transport options. The Olympus mobility app through which train, tram, bus, metro, bike sharing and parking tickets can be purchased directly has been personalised and made available directly to TOTAL.

“This is part of our vision of profiling ourselves as an innovative mobility player,” explained Bernadette Spinoy, CEO of Total Belgium. “We want to encourage our customers to think about alternative solutions.”

Once registered, users with a monthly budget can use the means of transport of their choice at any time. TOTAL has thereby expanded the classic fuel card to meet today’s needs. After all, smart mobility is increasingly becoming all about combined mobility. This means that valuable time can often be saved for different journeys compared to doing the entire journey by car.

More information about the options we have available for partners is available here.


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Persoon toont andere persoon het beste NMBS-tarief


Olympus developed a unique algorithm that calculates the best rate available for your train travel, based on distance, time and age.

Olympus is the only player in the market to have digitised the economic 10-ride Rail Pass and Railease cards (for commercial vehicle drivers).

But a journey could be even cheaper with a single ticket than with a 10-ride card, e.g. if it is a short trip, if it falls within the Weekend tickets period, if you are younger than 26 or if you qualify for a Go Pass trip.

You no longer need to go through all the effort of finding this information yourself, because Olympus calculates it all automatically! Accurate reporting for taxation and social security purposes is another added bonus. Olympus keeps track of every trip digitally, including whether it is for ‘private’ or ‘business’ purposes.

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Treintickets te koop in KBC app via Olympus platform


As many as one million users currently have access to digital purchasing of NMBS tickets through their KBC banking app.

This absolute first was achieved through ambitious collaboration between KBC and Olympus Mobility. KBC wants to secure its customer base as far as possible and Olympus Mobility has delivered the custom work required for this purpose.

The Olympus app is now technically described as a plugin on the KBC mobile banking platform. This is the first step in the extensive cooperation between KBC and Olympus Mobility, and other services will be added in future.

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