Sustainable mobility in the palm of your hand

What if you could have 1 access point to public and shared transportation and  parking solutions, 1 budget, and 1 invoice for the mobility of all your employees?

Olympus Mobility makes the mobility of your employees more sustainable and believes in the battle against traffic jams through a cooperation between all modes of transportation.

Save time

Reduce stress and increase your work-life balance

Administrative simplicity

Automatic processing keeps it simple

Affordable rates

Smart switching with a Rail pass, m-card10, day tickets and more

100% digital

One user-friendly mobility app for all your trips

Sustainable mobility has never been easier

Olympus Mobility offers the best solution for small and big enterprises who are looking to find an easy system to manage their mobility.

Wether you are talking about federal mobility budget, professional travels and/or flexible reward plans, the Olympus app provides a realtime overview of all the expenses.

HR, Finance, and other service departments are able to follow the data in the glance of an eye.

From freelancer to multinational:
Olympus Mobility, everyone’s easiest roadmap

Olympus Mobility in 2 minutes

Take us for a ride

Treintickets te koop in KBC app via Olympus platform

Discover all functionalities of the Olympus app through our free demo account:

  • ticketing
  • routeplanner
  • KM registration
  • ….

Your advantages

Combining modes of transportation through 1 access

Saving costs and create useful time

Manage the mobility budget, professional budget and private budget

1 invoice with reporting for payroll administration and fiscality

Realtime overview of all expenses

Lowest prices through a best pricing mechanism