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Improving the flow of work

At the beginning of 2022, our product development team decided that it wanted to deliver faster because it had become harder to meet release dates. We wanted to take a step back to find out what was going on and find ways to improve.

This blog post will describe the steps we took to identify the problems and how we adressed them so we could deliver value sooner with higher quality.

Published 18th of October 2022

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How to solve the long waiting times for company cars!

There are delays with new cars and the waiting times for company cars are also getting longer. You may already be experiencing this in your fleet. Delivery times are taking longer than ever, and company cars could almost be described as a scarce commodity. How do you deal with this as a fleet manager?

Published 22nd of August 2022

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Here’s how to save on employee petrol costs

Fuel prices are skyrocketing in 2022. As the cost of petrol climbs above € 2 per litre, organisations are becoming much more interested in finding an alternative for their company cars. But what is the solution?

Published 25th of June 2022

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