Olympus Linkr

To make our offer even more inclusive, we developed Olympus Linkr. Starting this July you can use various mobility providers that we connect to the Olympus app via a deep link.

What does this mean for employee? Many additional mobility options for easy movement are becoming available in the Olympus Mobility range.

How does it work? Your employee buys his or her ticket directly from the chosen mobility provider. Olympus Mobility handles the administrative management and at the same time arranges the reimbursement for your employee, automatically.

Olympus Linkr thus significantly expands the mobility offer of Olympus Mobility. This offers you the opportunity to work à la carte. You choose which mobility providers appear in the Olympus app and become visible to your employees.

We also include the mobility providers in the Olympus app so that it is clearly visible to the employee. Mobility services via Olympus Linkr: Waterbus, Lime, Dott, Villo, Billy Bike, …

Electric car sharing
Uber taxi service
Shared steps in Brussels and Antwerp
Taxi Limburg
De Waterbus on de Schelde
Bike sharing in Brussels
Taxi in Antwerp
Taxi service
Car sharing
Taxi in Brussels
Shared scooters in Brussels and Antwerp
Shared steps in Mechelen and Aalst
SNCB International
Car sharing