Order tickets and passes seamlessly from the 4 public transport companies

Tickets and passes are available from all 4 Belgian transport companies. We searched for the most economical rates for your company; see the table below.

NMBS and De Lijn are already fully digitised in the app. You still need a Mobib card for MIVB and TEC, which can also be purchased through the Olympus app. The cards are sent directly to your employees’ home address.

For NMBS tickets we also automatically search for the lowest fare, while taking the following into account:

  • your personal profile (e.g. age for a Youth Ticket, discount rights, etc.)
  • distance
  • the time (e.g. weekend ticket)
  • the passes available, e.g. Standard Multi or railease pass

This translates into considerable savings for the employer.





Official NMBS fare
Railease* pass
Standard Multi
Subscriptions (using a third party payer system)

Best price calculation based on distance, age,
discount entitlement and time.
including use of passes

De Lijn

M-ticket De lijn
M-card De Lijn

Cheapest De Lijn ticket
No SMS fees or restrictions


Official TEC fare
Multiflex card or Next 1

Multi-ride card fare


Official MIVB fare
JUMP 10, JUMP 10 Airport, JUMP 24h Airport

Official fare

Mobib card

                        5€ VAT incl. + € 4.95 VAT, incl. transaction fee                                   

Your Mobib card is delivered to your home