FAQ – Olympus app user
Olympus app

The Olympus app gives you access to all public transport, Cambio shared car, Blue bike, Mobit and Velo Antwerp, Swapfiets, 4411 street parking and B-parking. We also offer seamless processing of your tickets for shared foot bikes, shared scooters, shared bikes, shared cars, etc. through our Plug-in service.

Our mobility solution works exclusively with an app so that employees always have all mobility options available through one digital access. The employer can also recover the maximum VAT amount through Olympus Mobility.

No, the Olympus app is only available to company employees.

You can set your PIN code yourself through the app. On the main menu, select the ‘More’ button, then select ‘Settings’. If you click on it, you can change your own PIN code.

If you have forgotten your PIN code to login or confirm your ticket purchases, you must log out first. You will then be taken to the Olympus welcome screen where there is a link to ‘Pincode vergeten’ [Forgot your PIN code?]. If you click on this, enter your login again and select ‘reset’. You will then receive an e-mail with instructions on how to reset your PIN code.

If you enter a wrong PIN code 3 times, your account will be blocked.
You can request a new PIN through the ‘Pincode vergeten’ [Forgot your PIN code?] link on the app login screen.

The administrator of your employer’s Olympus accounts can also provide a new PIN code through the management portal.


If a contract is terminated, the balance of the business budget will be returned to the customer’s account. Purchased passes such as Standard Multi, m-card De Lijn, Brupass MIVB that still contain unused journeys cannot be refunded.

This can be done easily and without notice through the Olympus Mobility management portal.

To view your invoice, log in to the management portal. Then click on invoices where you can consult your monthly invoices. The invoice shows an overview of all mobility costs and the service fee.

Managing family members

The purchases are deducted from your private budget or mobility budget. When you create the account for your family member, you determine from which budget the purchases will be deducted.

You also set the monthly limit for your family member. As long as you have sufficient budget available, they can make purchases.

Go to the Settings in your app and click on ‘Manage family members’.
The button ‘Invite new member’ allows you to create an account for one or more of your family members.
You also determine how much they can spend each month.

If you click on ‘Send invitation’ your family member will receive an e-mail with the login and an SMS with the PIN code. He/she can log into the app with these credentials.

In your Olympus app, go to the ‘Budget’ menu and select the budget on which your family members’ expenses will be booked.

You can see per family member, on a monthly basis, which transport tickets they have purchased, when, and the amount of the purchase.

The remaining budget is also stated, next to the name of the family member.


You can easily order a Swapfiets through the Olympus app. The appropriate drop-down menu will take you to a landing page where you can choose your city and register. After you have placed your order, Swapfiets will make an appointment with you to deliver your bike. In some cities it is also possible to collect your bike. Upon receipt we will personally adjust the bike for you so it is immediately ready to ride.

This is easily done by notifying Swapfiets. They will collect your Swapfiets. The monthly fee will no longer be deducted from your budget in the Olympus app.

Swapfiets is already available in 5 cities in Belgium: Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent, Leuven and Mechelen.

If there is something wrong with your bike, Swapfiets will come to you quickly to repair it or exchange it for a working one. This is done at no extra cost.

The bikes are insured against theft. Should your Swapfiets be stolen, you pay € 60, provided that your bike was properly locked. Other costs are covered by our bike insurance. We will make sure that you get a new bike quickly.
These and other exceptional costs are invoiced directly to the user and not to the employer. Swapfiets will request your personal account details at the start of the subscription.


The different budgets are explained at ‘For whom‘.

A private budget is loaded by the employee through his/her own bank card or Mastercard. The expenses on the private budget are not invoiced to the employer. The transactions are also not included in the report. In doing so, we respect the GDPR rules that protect the privacy of the employee.

If the user no longer has access to the app, the balance of the private budget will be refunded to the account the user used to add the private budget. Purchased passes such as Rail Passs, m-card De Lijn, Brupass MIVB that still contain unused journeys cannot be refunded.

The app includes an option to view and track the allocated budget through the ‘Budget’ button. As an employer, you have the option of allocating a business budget, a flex budget or a mobility budget to your employee(s). The private budget is always visible to the app user.


The Olympus app offers the following NMBS products: standard ticket, Go Pass 1 (<26 years), Standard multi, Local multi, Railease Pass, senior ticket and weekend ticket. It also takes into account the discount for large families, if you have set this up in your profile. The proof of this must be shown to the train conductor in case of an inspection.

You will receive your train ticket through QR code in the digital wallet of the Olympus app.

Sometimes the internet connection is not stable while you are on the road, e.g. during a train ride. The app may then display an error message. You can click to dismiss these messages and in most cases you will be able to continue to use the app. The tickets that are already available in the app are retained anyway and can be shown to the ticket inspector at any time.

The Olympus app always calculates the best rate for the employee. The app takes into account age, distance, discounts for large families and the weekend rate. This means that you don’t have to think about it and you always get the most advantageous rate.

A Standard Multi contains 10 journeys at an advantageous rate, and is valid to all destinations in Belgium.
After purchasing a Standard Multi you will receive a proof of purchase in your ticket booth. This is not valid as a ticket.
How to use a journey from your Standard Multi:

  • buy a train ticket and enter the departure and destination stations.
  • On the next screen, choose Standard Multi. Your ticket price is € 0, and you will receive your ticket (with QR-code) in your ticket booth.
  • You will see on your Standard Multi that 1 journey has been deducted. This way you can see how many journeys you have left.
De Lijn

An m-ticket is valid for 60 minutes.

You will receive your M-ticket in the digital wallet of the Olympus app.


The Olympus app offers the following MIVB products: BRUPASS10 , BRUPASS 10 XL and GOCITY10

When you purchase MIVB products through the app, they are automatically transferred to your Mobib card, provided that the card number is correctly entered in your profile in the app. Please note that a night batch is required to transfer the tickets to the Mobib card. Your ticket will be available on all GO vending machines and validators on the metro after 24 hours or on buses and trams after 96 hours.


The Olympus app offers the following TEC products:

  • NEXT 1 route = single journey,
  • Multiflex =
    • 12 tickets of 60 min within 1 or 2 zones
    • 6 tickets of 90 min on the entire network, excl. Express lines
    • 4 tickets of 90 min, incl. Express lines.

When you purchase products from TEC through the app, they are automatically transferred to your Mobib card, provided that the card and serial number are correctly entered in your profile in the app. Please note that a night batch is required to transfer the tickets to the Mobib card.

Blue bike

You will receive your Blue bike voucher in the digital wallet of the Olympus app. It is valid for 10 days, and you can use it for 24 hours.

No, a Blue bike must always be returned to the same location.

If you lose the key to your Blue bike, you should inform Blue bike and state your Blue bike number. They will then arrange a new key for you, for which you will have to pay € 30.

If your Blue bike is stolen, you should immediately report it to the police and notify Blue bike. You then send the official report together with your Blue bike key to Blue bike, Carnotstraat 39
2060 Antwerpen.

The costs are € 50. If you do not file a declaration, the costs could increase to € 550.

Velo Antwerp

You will receive your Velo voucher in the digital wallet of the Olympus app.

The Velo voucher is valid for 24 hours, but you can use a Velo shared bike for a maximum of 30 minutes, otherwise you will be charged extra.

Return the Velo shared bike correctly to a Velo station, enter the codes in the machine, and wait for confirmation that the bike has been returned correctly.

You must report the incident to the local police within 24 hours and provide Velo with the police report number of your file. When you make the declaration, provide the number of the stolen bike and a brief description of the facts. If you can’t remember the bike number, you can always contact Velo’s customer service department to look it up for you.
After 24 hours you must pay a fixed cost of € 150. The bike is considered stolen after 48 hours and Velo charges a fee of € 400.

Mobit shared bike

We deliver a QR-code to your smartphone, which you can find in your digital wallet. You can use a Mobit shared bike by scanning this QR code on an available bike. See the map in the app to locate available Mobit shared bikes.

The Mobit shared bike can be used through a day pass or through Scan&Go.
A day pass costs € 3.
The following prices apply for Scan&Go: journey < 4 min = € 0.29 , 1st hour = € 0.45 , 2nd hour = € 0.65 , 3rd hour = € 0.80, and the hours following that = € 1

Cambio car sharing

To activate Cambio, we charge a one-off activation fee of € 5. This amount is automatically deducted from the available budget. You can reserve the car through the Olympus app. After booking you will receive an e-mail from Cambio with an instruction video, user number and a personal PIN code. Please note that you must always have your driver’s license with you when are using Cambio.

You can open a Cambio with your Olympus app. Optionally, you can also open your car with your Mobib card, using the card reader located at the bottom left of the windscreen. The card and serial number of your Mobib card must be entered correctly in your profile in the app. You can then use the key through the on-board computer in the glove compartment after entering your personal PIN code.

If you book Cambio through the Olympus app, you will benefit from the advantageous business package for hourly and kilometre rates between 07:00 and 18:00. Standard rates apply from 18:00 onwards.

With Olympus, you pay no entry fees, no finance charges and no subscription costs. You therefore save a lot of money by using Cambio through the Olympus app.


You can park at B-parking through the Olympus app. These are the car parks at the NMBS stations, which allows you to park at more than 60 locations.

Parking in the street is also possible through 4411.

It is important when parking in the street through 4411 that you enter your number plate. If you have a fixed number plate, you can save it in your profile so you don’t have to enter it every time. Once that is done you can easily start and end your parking session in the app. 4411 charges a transaction fee of € 0.25 for each session. This also applies if you would start a parking session directly through the 4411 app, or if you would arrange it by SMS.

If you use B-Parking through the Olympus app, you will benefit from the discounted Rail Passsenger rate. Even if you are not planning to take the train afterwards, you can still enjoy this advantageous rate.

The B-Parking barriers can be opened with the Mobib card. The card number of your Mobib card must be entered correctly in your profile in the app. The Mobib card deducts the cost of your parking session directly from the budget in the app. You do not have to pay at the ticket machine.