What does Cambio cost in the Olympus Mobility app?

  • For your business budget, mobility budget or cafeteria plan budget you pay 5,00 euro activation fee (VAT incl.)
  • Depending on the type of car you choose, you pay a price per hour and per kilometre. The price per kilometre fluctuates slightly depending on fuel prices


Type of car (as of 01/03/2024)City car (Category S)Spacious car (Category M)Break (Category L)Monovolume (Category XL)

Price per hour – weekdays (VAT incl.)

  • Between 6-18h
  • Between 18-00h
  • Between 00 – 6h
  • 1,8 euro
  • 2,05 euro
  • 0,50 euro
  • 2,2 euro
  • 2,4 euro
  • 0,50 euro
  • 2,5 euro
  • 2,8 euro
  • 1,0 euro
  • 3,2 euro
  • 4 euro
  • 1,0 euro
Price per hour – weekend and holidays (VAT incl.)
  • Between 6-00h (day)
  • Between 00-6h (night)
  • 2,05 euro
  • 0,50 euro
  • 2,4 euro
  • 0,50 euro
  • 2,8 euro
  • 1,0 euro
  • 4 euro
  • 1,0 euro
Price per km (up to and including 100km – VAT incl.)*0,31 euro0,32 euro0,38 euro0,43 euro
Price per km (from 101 km – VAT incl.)*0,27 euro0,28 euro0,28 euro0,32 euro

* Prices per kilometre may fluctuate according to fuel prices.

Example: On a weekday, you rent a city car (category S) between 13h and 16h with your business budget and you drive 150 km.

  • Your hourly rate is 3 x 1,8 euro = 5,4 euro
  • Your kilometre price amount (100 x 0,31 euro) + (50 x 0,27 euro) = 44,5 euro.
  • So the price of your ride is 49,9 euro in total.

In some cases you will have to pay extra costs. An overview can be found at the bottom of this page.

All costs are automatically deducted from the budget you have chosen in the Olympus app.

Cambio insurance & deposit

If you book a Cambio car, basic insurance is included in the price. If your car is damaged or stolen, Cambio will charge you a franchise of 1,000 euros. For users with a business budget, mobility budget or cafeteria plan budget, the company can buy a Plus insurance so that the excess becomes a maximum of 200 euros.

Overview extra costs

Possible costsAmount
Failure to report new damage to the car50 euro
Non-regulated abandonment of the place of employment15 euro
Leaving the car unregulated (the lights are still on, the windows are still open, you didn’t refuel, …).25 euro
Gross negligence
(Letting an unauthorised person drive, driving without a valid driving licence, misuse of the fuel or loading card, …)
500 euro
Replacement of the fuel card, parking card or charging card in the event of loss or damage20 euro
Reparation of damage to the car (without Plus)Maximum 1.000 euro
Reparation of damage to the car (with Plus)Maximum 200 euro
Reported delay15 euro
Delay not reported or reported too late25 euro
Extra cleaning30 euro per uur
Loss if the vehicle cannot be used due to damage or accident in error30 euro per dag
Administration costs for traffic fines, fees, p.v., …20 euro
Administration costs for traffic fines abroad20 euro
Obstructing other users15 euro per other user
Reservation fee per reservation, change or cancellation via the call centre1 euro
Changing the charging cable in the event of loss or damage275 euro

Check out the list of extra costs on the Cambio site.