Mobility management is very difficult from an administrative point of view. You need to conclude contracts with different parties, request and process many types of subscriptions for your employees individually, handle individual tickets and follow-up on expense bills. Sometimes it may even seem that the expense management workload will never be reduced.

  • Do you feel like you are wasting time with the manual management of NMBS, De Lijn, Cambio and other expense bills?
  • Are you tired of ordering paper rail passes or rail lease passes?
  • Does it feel like the manual follow-up work will never come to an end?

Everything can be so much easier and digitised.

Olympus Mobility provides you with a complete and reliable mobility solution that takes the burden of mobility management in your company out of your hands, including budget monitoring and expense management.

In the Olympus Mobility app, the employee can choose to which budget the costs should be linked for each transaction.

  • business budget: for expense management of professional travels
  • legal mobility budget: in accordance with the 2019 tax legislation
  • Flex budget: flexible mobility via a cafeteria plan or an alternative mobility budget
  • private budget: for private expenses linked to the employee’s personal bank or credit card.

Verminder het onkostenbeheer van de mobiliteit van je werknemers met de Olympus-app.

No more manual expense management

With our digital mobility solution, your days of manual follow-up work becomes something of the past. Below is a brief summary of our solution.

  • One digital app in which your employees can order tickets, passes and subscriptions.
  • One digital platform on which you manage the budgets and access, as well as monitor employee consumption.
  • One invoice at the end of the month with all mobility costs, which greatly simplifies VAT recovery.

Our Mobility app can make you money too!

Are you interested to know how much money you can save through our digital mobility platform? See our calculations at numerical example.

What are the conclusions of the numerical example in brief? Using the Mobility app saves our customer € 155 per month, per employee and per journey. Imagine the savings if you have 20 employees who make 2 or 3 journeys per month. Talk about expense management.

Our customers are as positive as we are

We are very enthusiastic about our Mobility app, but that is only logical, because it is our baby. For the sake of objectivity, we asked the opinion of a more neutral customer.

De Vlaamse Landmaatschappij is convinced that the Olympus Mobility app is the right choice.”

Steven Scheirlinckx, Facility Manager, De Vlaamse Landmaatschappij

Interested in cutting back on your expense management and reduce stress?

Would you like to learn more about the advantages of using the Mobility app in your company?

Then contact us! We will be happy to explain all the expense management options available to you.

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