KPMG integrates sustainable mobility into cafeteria plan


KPMG’s international network of audit and consultancy services has been fully focusing on sustainable mobility since 2017. The company relies on the Olympus Mobility app for this purpose. In addition to solutions for individual work journeys and a mobility budget, the digital platform also offers employers a third option: integration into a cafeteria plan. “And that’s exactly what KPMG was looking for,” explains Peter Van de Velde, Mobility/HR Process Manager at KPMG Belgium. “This way the employees are at the helm.”

The Belgian division of KPMG – which together with EY, PwC and Deloitte forms the so-called ‘Big Four’ – was already working on sustainable mobility before 2017. “We started doing our own research into Mobility as a Service, for example, and at various events we discussed this pressing topic with fellow entrepreneurs and suppliers,” says Peter Van de Velde. “Finally, two years ago – when our head office moved to Brussels Airport – we brought all the information together in a strong mobility plan, which is part of a broader cafeteria plan.”

Everyone in charge of their own expenses

“The principle behind our flexible compensation system is simple. In January, we estimate the end-of-year bonus for each employee. Everyone is then free to spend that amount on options within the cafeteria plan. Sustainable mobility options, such as leasing bikes and the Olympus Mobility app, are a popular choice. KPMG also promotes this by providing a financial incentive for every day that an employee travels by alternative means of transport. For public transport, for example, this amounts to € 5 per day. That money is earned in addition to your current budget. So how much you have left at the end of the journey is entirely in your own hands.”

Advantageous train formulas are catching on

The figures prove that KPMG made the right choice with Olympus Mobility: today more than 800 employees rely on the mobility app for commuting and business travel. “It is both a comprehensive and a user-friendly platform,” declares Peter Van de Velde. “That combination was an instant hit. All users are happy with it and there have been hardly any questions. The train, for one, scores very well with the employees. Our head office at Brussels Airport is easily accessible by NMBS and they can avoid the diabolo surcharge with the Railease formula. For us, Railease is 100% tax-deductible, without being considered as a benefit in kind.”

Attracting talent more easily

“Integrating mobility into a cafeteria plan was a budget-neutral exercise, but today we are reaping the benefits of that decision. Payroll administration has decreased thanks to Olympus Mobility, and we have an asset for our employer branding. After all, job candidates are looking for freedom of choice in their remuneration. If you can involve sustainable mobility in this, you reinforce your image. The reason for this is that many young people are loyal users of alternative means of transport and are therefore looking to continue this habit in a professional context. That gives you an edge as an employer.”

“After two years of Olympus Mobility, the balance is clear to us: we will continue down this road.”