“The Olympus Mobility app is a blessing for administration.”

mediacommMediaComm is experiencing remarkable growth. The Antwerp design company currently has four offices and 60 graphic designers who are on the road every day. Together they account for more than 10,000 journeys per year. Efficient mobility is therefore essential, but the administration must also run smoothly. “And that combination is precisely the strength of Olympus Mobility,” says Aline Van Aerde, mobility and customer administration manager at MediaComm.

Communication agencies, publishers, advertising agencies and other companies where design plays a crucial role can rest assured. If they need temporary or structural support, MediaComm is at their disposal with a graphic intervention team of 60 employees. These graphic designers spread their wings across Flanders and Brussels. The one thing they have in common is that they work at the customers’ premises, which means that every working day begins and ends with a journey.

The car has fallen from its throne

“Staff companies are usually completely dependent on company cars,” Aline explains. “Until recently, that was also the case with us. All our graphic artists who have been employed for more than a year have their own company cars, and there are plenty of pool cars for the rest. However, it is becoming increasingly apparent that the car is not always the most efficient method of getting from A to B. Some routes are virtually guaranteed to be log jammed and therefore a waste of time. That is why we started looking for a solution in the form of mobility-as-a-service at the beginning of 2018. We found that Olympus Mobility provided the widest range of options.”

Away with paper

“The administrative simplicity of the mobility app is as important as the large package of transport options available from Olympus Mobility. With the platform, we do not need to conclude separate agreements with each mobility company and all tickets are stored digitally. Another handy feature for me is that the invoicing for all tickets is also fully integrated into the app, without the need for paper. This way I can fully focus on tasks with real added value and at the same time I am also sure that the more repetitive tasks are running smoothly. That peace of mind is a good thing.”

Always in order fiscally!

MediaComm’s graphic designers should never advance transport costs. Each of them is assigned a budget, and all expenses are automatically transferred through the app to the payroll administration, so that commuting allowances are also recorded without error.