Simplify your commuting expense management

How do you easily offer your employees flexible mobility for their commute?

With the Olympus app, of course.

One app offers them more than 30 mobility services. At any time, your employees get to decide how they prefer to travel to work.

Fortunately, this means no extra administration for you. With a mobility platform, you easily manage your expenses.

The Olympus platform offers you a complete and reliable digital solution that reduces mobility management.

Perfect for a smooth follow-up of your budgets and expense management. This saves you hours on administration.

How much can you save on commuting?

Do your employees work from home several days a week? Then you lose costs on long-term public transport season tickets.

By turning to digital tickets and passes, you not only save time, but costs as well.

Our mobility consultants will be happy to calculate your savings for you.

Fill in the form and find out how much you will save by digitising your commute.

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Effortlessly manage commuting

With the Olympus Mobility platform, your expense management becomes as easy as pie.

  • Dé totaaloplossing voor jouw bedrijfsmobiliteit

    One app

    Your employees order their tickets, passes and season tickets for more than 30 mobility services in one app.

  • Onze mobiliteitsdienst valt in de smaak

    One management portal

    Keep track of your budgets and manage the necessary accesses.

  • One invoice

    Each month, you process just one invoice. You get the maximum VAT recovery for free.

Skill BuilderS digitised their commuting expense management

Ready for the mobility policy of the future?

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