Mobility services in the Olympus app

Both you and your employee benefit from using the Olympus Mobility platform.

You reduce your administration to virtually zero, save time and offer more than 35 alternative mobility services in your organisation.

Meanwhile, your employee travels sustainably from point A to B with the Olympus app, each time with the desired mobility service.

That means no more collecting and processing tickets and receipts. With the Olympus platform, you save on both administration and mobility costs.

In the Olympus app, you find

  • Public transport

    Public transport

    With the Olympus app, your employee always travels at the best prices for De Lijn, NMBS, MIVB and TEC.

    Tickets, season tickets and passes are always at the most advantageous rate.

    Does your employee need a Mobib card? They easily request one in the Olympus app. A few days later, the Mobib card arrives directly in your employee’s mailbox.

  • Legal mobility budget refunds

    Legal mobility budget refunds

    Does your employee want to use their legal mobility budget for a taxi ride? Or purchase an (electric) bike at Decathlon or a local bike shop?

    Then certain payment cards may not be accepted. Our app does not (yet) have an online shop either.

    What the Olympus app does offer, is easy refunds. This simplifies the management of your refund requests.

    After all, the processing is done by Olympus Mobility and expert My Mobility Budget Butler.

    And your employee? They get to spend their legal mobility budget as they wish.

    For example: Your employee purchases a bike. She scans the invoice in the Olympus app. Olympus Mobility invoices the bike to your company and refunds your employee in full. Everything happens automatically.

    It couldn’t be simpler.


  • Shared transport

    Shared transport

    In the Olympus app, your employee easily uses shared bikes, scooters, cars or a Swapfiets. Their trip is automatically processed on their budget.

    Thanks to the Olympus app, you also no longer need to buy separate subscriptions for Velo Antwerp, Blue-bike, Mobit or Cambio. This is because these mobility providers are included in your Olympus membership.

    You will also find Swapfiets in the Olympus app. For a fixed amount per month, your employee cycles around Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent, Leuven or Mechelen carefree. In addition to the Swapfiets itself, maintenance, insurance and assistance are also included.

    Our range of shared systems is constantly expanding. Thus far, you find these shared transport companies in the Olympus app:

  • Route planner

    Route planner

    With our route planner Moovit, you get smoothly from A to B using alternative means of transport.

    You simply enter your location and destination. Besides offering several mobility options, the route planner also provides detailed and real-time information on the departure times of trains, trams, buses and underground.

    That way, you can easily estimate which tram or bus you can still take, for example.

    Besides the route planner, you can also consult the SNCB timetable directly in the Olympus app.

    You immediately see your departure and arrival times, the duration of your journey, the correct track and any possible changes or delays.

    All in one app.

  • Parking


    Out and about by car? The Olympus app makes it easy to park at Q-Park, an SNCB train station or along the kerb with 4411.

    Here, too, you and your employees enjoy advantageous rates with SNCB.

    Simply hold your Mobib card in front of the reader of the entrance terminal. When you drive back outside, the budget adjusts automatically. Your employee’s journey is immediately visible in their Olympus app.

  • Mileage registration

    Mileage registration

    Want to get an overview of the traveled kilometres in your company?

    That’s easy with the Olympus app’s mileage registration module.

    Your employees easily indicate which days they cycled, walked or drove to work.

    Business trips and days working from home are also registered in seconds.

    Moreover, you determine the corresponding mileage allowance in the Olympus management portal.

    Every month, you receive a clear report for your social secretariat’s payroll administration.

    Learn more about mileage registration.

  • Taxi services

    Taxi services

    Need a taxi? Easily book your ride with one of these taxi services.

    The Olympus app supports the mobility needs of your company at any time.

  • Family members

    Family members

    Would your employee also like to offer the Olympus app to his or her family members? Then he or she simply creates a new account for them.

    When going on a trip, the family members will use your employee’s budget.

    This is only possible for users with a legal mobility budget or private budget.

  • Flex offices reserveren

    Coworking spaces

    Looking for an easily accessible office? Need a flexible office for half a day?

    Reserve your spot at coworking spaces in the Olympus app.

  • Bike leasing

    Bike leasing management

    With the Olympus platform, you easily manage your bike policy with these bike leasing companies.

    Find out more about Olympus Bikr.

  • Charging station

    Fuel & charging

    Besides more than 30 alternative mobility options, the Olympus app also allows you to refuel your car at Q8 or recharge with the Eneco charging card.

  • Customer support

    Reliable customer support

    Do you or your employees have a question? Our customer support provides you with a solution in no time.

    95% of requests are answered within 24 hours.

    You can truly rely on us.

One platform to manage ...

  • Alternative mobility

    Public and shared transport, parking, taxis and flex offices.

  • Your corporate mobility

    Business trips, commuting, bike policy, mileage registration.

  • Different budgets

    Legal mobility budget, cafeteria plan, commuting or business budget.

  • “The biggest added value? The combination of the benefit for the employee and employer.”

    Catherine Lurinx
    Wunderman Thompson
  • “At our location in Brussels, 90% of our employees opt for an alternative solution.”

    Sandra Eemans
  • “Olympus Mobility is an important asset when recruiting new employees.”

    Griet De Ranter
    Bank Van Breda