The app for mileage registration

No more recording kilometres in Excel. Time for a easy mobility platform.

In the Olympus app, your employees register their kilometres in just a few clicks.

On the Olympus management portal, you smoothly set their mileage allowances. That translates seamlessly into your social secretariat.

Managing your corporate mobility will feel like child’s play.

Register kilometres with the Olympus Mobility platform

What kilometres can you register?

The popularity of cycling to work with the accompanying mileage allowance is a good thing for corporate mobility and the health of your employees.

An easy system to keep track of cycling kilometres certainly comes in handy.

In the Olympus app, your employees easily register which days they cycle to work.

Do your employees take the car or walk to work? They can easily enter those kilometres too.

They can even register days working from home and business trips!

You as CEO, HR or Fleet Manager receive a clear monthly report for your social secretariat’s payroll administration.

Also manage your mileage allowance

On the Olympus management portal, you easily set the mileage allowance for commuting, business trips and days working from home.

In the Olympus app, your employees easily enter the departure point, destination and any comments.

The distance is then calculated automatically.

Every month, you get a clear report with the total mileage allowance for each employee in the Olympus management portal. Perfect for your payroll.

Result: save time and administration!

Reduce your mileage administration with the Olympus platform

  • Offer your employees more than 30 mobility services in one app
  • Trusted by more than 800,000 users
  • Only registering kilometres? Enjoy a reduced rate.
Just like Mediahuis, Sweco and Business & Decision.

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