VK Architects & Engineers betting on sustainable mobility

As a leading architecture and engineering firm, VK Architects & Engineers aims to take a leading role in circular construction. Sustainability is at the heart of this. We have developed the “VK Green Deal” sustainability plan not only for our projects, but also for our own organisation, together with our employees.

Sustainable mobility is an important part of this. A comprehensive review of our mobility policy allows our employees to make a conscious choice between car or alternative solutions. KPMG referred us to Olympus in our search for partners who could support us in this.

We were indeed pleasantly surprised by the functionalities offered. The Olympus app allows employees to make flexible use of the various alternative mobility solutions. The option of also linking private budgets makes it more appealing for them to use the app in a private capacity as well. For us as a company, the Olympus app makes administrative monitoring easier and gives us the opportunity to measure our sustainability impact.

We have even gone a step further. Following a recent move of our Brussels office, we are currently widening the scope of the Olympus app for a period of six months. In addition to using the app for professional travel, our Brussels employees can also use it for commuting. We even offer an incentive for every day that they use the Olympus app. The app gives us sufficient insights to evaluate this test project and see how we can further expand and refine our mobility policy.

VK Architects & Engineers, has a clear objective in its “VK Green Deal”: to reduce the carbon emissions of our journeys. The Olympus app helps us put this into practice and to measure our impact on sustainability.

About VK Architects & Engineers

VK offers lifecycle-based design solutions. Our mission, “valuing the well-being of people and planet”, is the driving force in our daily operations among our multidisciplinary teams. We provide architectural, engineering and infrastructure design solutions in four markets: Healthcare, Buildings, Industry and Infrastructure. We operate in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Spain and Vietnam. The passion of 450+ experts has been reflected in more than 12,500 projects over more than 65 years.