Olympus Refundr

Olympus Mobility partners with My Mobility Budget Butler (MMBB) to reimburse your employees for transactions within the framework of their (legal) mobility budget. We call this new service Olympus Refundr.

From July 1, 2021 you can offer your employees a more efficient way to spend their mobility budget, via the Olympus Mobility platform of course.

A word of explanation seems in order:

Sometimes it is not possible to purchase the mobility products permitted by law with applications or payment cards. Think of using a taxi that does not accept credit cards. Or when purchasing an (electric) bicycle in the Decathlon or the local bicycle shop.

With the new initiative of Olympus Mobility and MMBB – Olympus Refundr – these problems are a thing of the past.

By integrating MMBB’s reimbursement services into the Olympus app, reimbursement requests are processed for approval easily and more efficiently, without costing additional time or money. In this way, the management of refund applications becomes a lot less administratively cumbersome and complex. And you provide your employees with an unparalleled service.

An example? One of your employees buys a bicycle as part of his mobility budget. He scans the invoice via the Olympus app. Olympus Mobility invoices the bicycle to your company and your employee gets the bicycle reimbursed in full. Everything happens automatically. It couldn’t be simpler.