“With Olympus Mobility, we stand out in the war for talent.”

Wunderman Thompson kiest voor Olympus Mobility voor hun mobiliteitsbeheer en het wettelijk mobiliteitsbudget.

The war for talent. A real battleground for many, but for some companies the moment to stand out from the rest.

Wunderman Thompson knows this like no other. Their secret weapon? The legal mobility budget.

To manage that easily, they knocked on Olympus Mobility’s door.

We spoke to Catherine Lurinx, Chief Operation Officer, about how they experience the collaboration.

See how they experience Olympus Mobility

Who is Wunderman Thompson?

Anyone looking to grow their brand with creative campaigns should reach out to Wunderman Thompson. As ‘Belgium’s leading integrated agency’, they help companies build their brand internationally.

A few years ago, Wunderman Thompson started with making their car fleet more sustainable. Soon that project resulted in a complete modal shift.

They asked themselves, “How do we contribute to society?”

Catherine Lurinx, COO: “Being concerned with mobility goes beyond your fleet.

We looked at waste policies, how we could encourage employees to take their bike to work …

To easily integrate all our mobility solutions into one system, we contacted Olympus Mobility.”

Why did you choose Olympus Mobility?

Catherine: “A simplification of administration. That’s definitely the case!

But also mainly to distinguish ourselves within the war for talent, which is very difficult in any case.

After all, people do not necessarily possess the desire for a car. They themselves are asking for alternative remuneration models.

This spirit inspires employers to look at other remuneration types.

Hence we very quickly joined forces with Olympus Mobility.”

Do you notice a big change?

Catherine nods. “Definitely. When we spoke to candidates, they were pleasantly surprised that the legal mobility budget was an option.

In some cases, it was even the decisive factor in choosing us.

The legal mobility budget is here to stay.”

What is Olympus Mobility’s biggest added value?

Catherine: “Offering our employees a sustainable alternative to a company car.

Moreover, we can manage this in an administratively simple way and there is a seamless translation into payroll.

In terms of legislation, everything is completely sealed.

So it’s the combination of the benefit for the employee, as well as the benefit for the employer.”

“The biggest added value? The combination of the benefit for the employee, as well as the benefit for the employer.”

Catherine Lurinx
COO Wunderman Thompson Benelux

Why would you recommend Olympus Mobility?

Catherine: “The app is very user-friendly and really thinks of everything.

Moreover, Olympus Mobility always follows the latest legislation. Their system is immediately up to date.

Want to differentiate your company in the war for talent?