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Olympus Mobility en KBC lanceren samen Zakelijke Mobiliteit

Business Mobility: one app, one invoice in KBC Mobile

After numerous mobility integrations for private individuals in KBC Mobile, we are now also simplifying the lives of business owners and all professional account holders.

With ‘Business Mobility’, they process just one bill each month for all their business travel.

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Taxis Verts in de app van Olympus Mobility.


In need of a taxi in Brussels? Don’t worry.

With Taxis Verts, we further expand the offer in our all-in-one app.

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Poppy in de app van Olympus Mobility. Eén app, nog meer mobiliteit.


One app, even more mobility.

Poppy’s bright red share cars are also part of the Olympus offering!

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TIER Mobility in the corporate mobility app of Olympus Mobility


Our mobility offering continues to expand.

Meet TIER Mobility, the latest addition to the Olympus app!

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Tim Brys ambassadeur


Big news! Ghent Olympian Tim Brys joins the Olympus Mobility team.

Tim: “As rowers, we constantly use water. It is therefore important to me to take care of the planet, both in my sport and beyond. That is why I choose to support a Ghent company like Olympus Mobility in their sustainable development. mobility solutions.”

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Are you our new colleague?

The world of #cafeteriaplan #deelmobiliteit #MAAS #mobility budget … continues to grow and we have a number of great vacancies.

Socially valuable and interesting job in a nice atmosphere, on top of mobility and IT. Office in bustling Ghent.

Take a look at our open vacancies here.

ICLH logo


We have a new partner: International Car Lease Holding. This collects all leasing companies within the Van Mossel Groep: Van Mossel Autolease, J&T Autolease, Westlease and DirectLease.

Their goal is to offer the Olympus mobility services to all customers of the lease companies of ICLH. Together with Shell Mobility Solutions and Olympus Mobility, they found the right structure to roll this out.

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Why Olympus Mobility?

Olympus Mobility isn’t just another company that offers a service or product. It was created for a number of reasons: 

  • Olympus Mobility is created from a need to improve the world we all live in by increasing the mobility of employees to a level of higher sustainability
  • Olympus Mobility has grown from the desire to fight mobility issues through coordinated cooperation between different modes of transporation
  • Our mobility platform Olympus Mobility was developed envisioning the ability to offer a full-option transport solution and to accomplish interoperability between infrastructure and modes of transportation

History of Olympus Mobility

Olympus Mobility is an initiative of VAB, Cambio and Taxistop since 2015.

With the high-performance, digital Olympus platform, we want to unburden mobility users as much as possible by combining different modes of transport and their administration. This enormous simplification also reduces costs and increases useful time for employees and employers alike. When modes of transport can be cleverly combined in function of the journey, this will also result in a much-needed reduction in congestion.

The Olympus platform covers the entire process, from purchasing to invoicing, and useful new integrations and solutions are implemented regularly.