Mobility in a cafeteria plan

One of the options within a cafeteria plan is to offer sustainable mobility.

That includes a lot of mobility options, such as public and shared transport, but also working from home or leasing a bike.

Without any extra administration!

With Olympus Mobility’s digital mobility platform, you save time. No more keeping track of tickets or processing reimbursements.

This gives your employees more flexibility in their salary package and their way of travelling. Without any extra work for you.

Less administration, more opportunities

What is a cafeteria plan?

A cafeteria plan allows employees to exchange part of their gross salary for fringe benefits.

It is a flexible remuneration plan where, for example, they use their end-of-year bonus to personalise their salary package.

This way, it is more in line with their needs and preferences.

You as HR Manager get to decide which benefits you offer to your employees.

Based on your offer, employees opt for extra holidays or a gross bonus, for example, as well as sustainable mobility.

The Olympus management portal and Olympus app

Manage your cafeteria plan with the Olympus platform

  • Offer your employees more than 30 mobility services in one app
  • Enjoy maximum VAT recovery
  • Implement it together with one of our partners: SD Worx, Attentia or KPMG
Like Mediahuis, Sweco and Business & Decision

Need more inspiration?

Sustainably on the road with the mobility budget

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mobiliteit in een cafetariaplan

Flexible mobility in your cafeteria plan? Good idea!

These days, work consists of a combination of telecommuting, multiple offices and coworking spaces.

This means that we no longer travel to the same workplace every day. Consequently, more and more employees are rethinking the way they move around.

In doing so, they wonder whether a switch to flexible mobility could be more appropriate, possibly as part of a cafeteria plan.

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Legal mobility budget Silverfin

Webinar: legal mobility budget with Silverfin

Why is the legal mobility budget so advantageous?

How do you implement this fiscally advantageous framework?

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