How does the advance company budget work?

An advance company budget is required for your business to secure our low prices. This can be done by transferring your required company budget to the Olympus account number, specifying your personally structured message that you will receive when you register. This budget will be available for your business’s mobility expenses within a maximum of three working days.

You set the personal budget limit for your employees. They may order mobility services for as long as they do not exceed their own budget limit and the company budget is not exhausted.

When your company budget is nearly exhausted, we will send you a notification and you can top it up again. You can track your company budget online in our management portal and the monthly invoice of your expenses will also include your balance.

How much should I deposit as a company budget?

In principle, you only need to have a positive company budget and € 10 is sufficient. However, such a low balance would require you to constantly make deposits, which is not very practical. The recommended amount depends on the number of employees who use the mobility solution and their mobility consumption. Our advice is to estimate the average use per month, then increase that by 15%.
A notification will also be sent out when the budget is nearly exhausted to allow you to top it up on time. You are certainly not required to deposit huge amounts of money in our account.

What if the company budget is exhausted?

Once the company budget has been exhausted, your employees will no longer be able to place orders through the Olympus app, so make sure to top it up on time. You will be notified when the budget is nearly exhausted to allow you to top it up on time.

What if I terminate my contract with Olympus Mobility?

The surplus company budget will be refunded to your account.

Can I use Olympus without a company budget?

Yes, but not through Olympus Mobility. One of our partners can assist you.

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